Selkirk Rex cat Bear with heart

Selkirk Rex cat Bear with heart
These intelligent and affectionate cat with a funny appearance bring happiness to any owner.All Breed Selkirk Rex.

Shorthair Selkirk Rex - one of the youngest rocks, which appeared due to the birth of an unusual cat with a curly fur in a shelter for homeless animals of Wyoming in 1987.Miss De Pesto (so it was called curly creation) is considered the ancestor of all the Selkirk Rex.

Selkirk Rex breed history

breeder and lover of cats Jerry Newman, sheltered Miss De Pesto, found that a gene curly wool - the dominant, and began to work on the construction of the breed.Modern look shorthaired Selkirk acquired by crossing American and British Shorthair.Recognition of TICA they received in 1992, and a little later - and in the WCF and CFA.

2015 for short-haired Selkirk Rex acceptable mating with British Shorthair, and after that date any such crossing will be banned.

Selkirk Rex breed description

shape of the head and stocky body strong short-haired Selkirk Rex make them look like the British.They

are broad-chested and tolstolapy, pyshut health and physical strength.

Round head with impressive cheeks and strong chin should not have flat areas.Medium-sized ears with funny curly fur inside must integrate harmoniously with the contour of the head.

eyes wide-set, round and expressive, can be not only green, copper, gold, and blue (White Selkirk or cats with color van, and color-point).

have shorthair Selkirk Rex cover on the plush body, soft at the same tail, collar and all over the body, not more than couple of centimeters, not bald patches form and in any case does not abut tightly to the skin.Curls are more like lumps.These cats fur coat can be painted is very flexible, as long as the colors are not discordant with the eye color.

Selkirk Rex particular care

Enough comb Selkirk once every two weeks or less, so that no mats.A cat's fur to give the usual "sheep" look after scratching helps whipping it with wet hands or moisture from the sprinkler.

Character cat breed Selkirk Rex Selkirk

- amazing creatures, who took from the British, the Persians and Exotics all the best character traits, becoming gentle, playful and patient creatures.These cubs with the soul of a cat can always pat, they are happy to respond to kindness, but never miss an opportunity to have some fun and frolic.

Shorthair Selkirk Rex are devoted and selfless love in man cats, bad transporting loneliness.Selkirk can adapt and does not interfere with the other inhabitants of the house.They are intelligent and unobtrusive.Excessive talkativeness Selkirk Rex is also not differ more purr than meow, do not refuse to just sit there and watch the movements and work of beloved master.

Selkirk adore children and win their hearts with its "bear" spontaneity and boundless patience, although excessive tiskanya can sometimes be avoided.

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