How to raise a chick without parents

How to raise a chick without parents
What do I need to do to not abandoned chicks were killed.

By no obvious reasons parrots sometimes abandon their children and cease completely take care of them.In nature, a brood usually die from starvation.

Not always do the parents abandon their children, there are times when they die.Sometimes the female parrot for some reason refuses to hatch eggs.

To keep such eggs, it is better to shift them to other parrot species in the masonry are not so many eggs.

recently bred chicks can be hooked to another brood about suitable age, and the parents do not necessarily have to be the same species.New caregivers feed such adoptees like her.

If found for abandoned babies new parents does not work, you can try to engage in the cultivation of their own.This work will take several weeks or months.

Before you take on this responsibility, it is necessary to make sure that parents are truly abandoned their children.

first thing that begins the artificial cultivation of babies, their new home, which could becom

e an ordinary cardboard box with a heated floor and a lid closure.Since

feathers chicks are not yet formed, the temperature therein within the first two weeks on average should be 25-30 degrees.Excess temperature is highly undesirable, as the chicks may suffocate.

In the first 10-12 days after the birth of parrots can eat only the crop of parents, so in this period, no adults can not do.

Next chicks can be transferred to a regular diet.Well suited semi-liquid porridge, made from semolina and oatmeal.Be sure to give porridge hot, otherwise the chicks do not even touch her.

Pretty quickly getting used to such a diet, parrots easily recognize their breadwinner and food.

Feeding is done, usually 6-7 times a day from 6 to 24 hours, that is, every 2.5-3 hours.For feeding it is best to use a regular spoon.Chicks thus must be removed from the box.

If the food after the meal hit the tail or remained on the beak, the parrot a little bit better clean napkins.

Every day the appetite of healthy chicks should be slightly darker.Therefore it is necessary to increase the amount of food, thus making it more dense.

For health wards would be useful to add to the products fresh apple or carrot juice and honey.

Other useful products for chicks: fish oil, multivitamin preparations, activated charcoal and calcium glycerophosphate at the rate of 0.5 tablets per chick.Such supplements should not be given more often than every other day.

chicks gradually become stronger and begin to fly.From this point in the feeder it is already possible to put the water and feed the wards millet.You can also pick them plantain leaves and other useful plants.

Breastfed human parakeets are very tame and accustomed to his master, so they are easy to train and educate.

Such individuals only one drawback: they are not able to reproduce without artificial insemination.

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