Seeds : the composition and use

In what form and quantity to eat sunflower seeds.

Seeds can be safely counted among the list of favorite national foods.And since they are good for health?

composition and use of seeds

the D Vitamin, contained in seeds, promotes the absorption of calcium, and therefore, strengthens bones and teeth, improves skin condition.

Vitamin F calms the nervous system and lowers cholesterol.People who regularly consume seeds, slightly reduced the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis.Besides seeds strengthen the heart and improve its performance.

Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant, it protects the cells from free radicals formed including under the influence of electromagnetic radiation.This means that the seeds are useful for those who spend a lot of time in front of computer.

seeds help to cope with increased physical and mental stress, as well as soothe and reduce anxiety levels - mainly due to the monotony luzganya seed process.

How to fry the seeds

more useful dried seeds, roasted but, of cou

rse, delicious.

seeds were washed under running cold water, allow to drain in a colander and pour on the hot skillet.During cooking, you need to constantly stir them a wooden spatula.Remove from the heat should be as soon as they begin to crackle.

Ready seeds scattered on the table and covered with a cotton towel for 10-15 minutes.

Seeds in folk medicine

seeds are widely used as a part of folk remedies in the treatment of various diseases.For example, for the treatment of bronchitis pome preparing to brew: 3 tbsp.l.seeds pour two cups of water with the sugar, boil for 10-15 minutes on low heat, strain the broth and take 1 tbsp.l.three times a day.

For the treatment of heart diseases is recommended to fill a half-liter jar of immature seeds in two liters of water and boil for two hours on low heat.Take small portions throughout the day.The course of treatment is 14 days.

All is good in moderation

Seeds - high-calorie foods with a high content of fat (50%), even in the form of polyunsaturated fatty acids.Half a cup of sunflower seeds on caloric equal of an entire chocolate bar.That is why you need to comply with the measure: the norm is two tablespoons per day.

Luzgane seeds spoil the tooth enamel, so they need to be cleaned by hand.And in no case can not eat sunflower seeds with husks - it can irritate the intestines.

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