12 August

The majority of Russians are not afraid of the ban on imported products

Most Russians prefer domestic products
According to a survey of registered users spent on VitaPortale, most Russians prefer domestic food products.

As you know, last week the Russian government imposed a ban on the import of a number of food products from the US and EU countries.

VitaPortal conducted a user survey to determine the extent to which effect such a limitation on the Russians.

The survey involved nearly 2 thousand. People from different regions of Russia.All of them answered a question, products of domestic or foreign origin, they prefer to buy and for what reason.

45% of respondents said that they prefer products made in Russia.And most of them explained his choice by the fact that these products are considered higher quality.And about 40% of domestic food lovers choose them because they find tastier import.

42% of respondents said that buying and domestic and imported products.Their choice depends on the type of product (for example, they may prefer domestic meat products, but European cheeses).

In this category restricti

ons imposed obviously already have an impact, because the need to look for analogues familiar European products.

Only 3% of respondents significantly affected by the ban.They said they prefer to buy imported products.Half of them explained their choice of quality, and the other half - the taste of foreign products.

One in ten of the respondents said that the main thing when choosing a low price for it.Thus, 10% of buyers choose the cheapest products, irrespective of the country of origin.On the well-being of these people the ban reflected significantly since disappeared from the shelves of cheap products, such as the American chicken legs, Ukrainian chilled beef and cheaper cheese.

It is worth noting that the total percentage of Russians who believe that the main criterion for the choice of food is their quality is much higher, which allows you to do that Russians began to pay more attention to nutrition health effects.

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