How to choose a melon

How to choose a melon
Melon - a favorite summer treat for many.We'll show you how to pick the melon, so as not to be disappointed in buying it.

Melon belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae, old cucumber.The varieties of melons, there are many.In central Russia often sold "Collective Farm Girl" and "Torpedo": they tolerate long transport and store.

south melons are diverse: there are such varieties as "Galileo" with sweet greenish pulp, melon, cantaloupe with bright orange contents, fragrant "Altai" and many others.

Rules buying a good melon, however, there is little dependent on the grade, so tips on how to choose a melon, will be useful in any area.

How to choose a watermelon: 7 top tips

There are several criteria by which you can choose a melon, to avoid disappointment.

  1. main sign of a good melon - the smell.Sweet ripe melon exudes a gentle, subtle turns the honey flavor.If the berry has no smell or gives greens, worse still, it is better not to take a fruit.Pleasures of it you still do not get it.
  2. second feature tells you how to pick the melon - sound.To do this, you need to slap his hand on it.If you hear a hollow cotton (in contrast to the watermelon, which should emit the ringing), then this is what you need.
  3. important role played by Hull: with light pressure on the fruit it should spring back.If on the same skins are fingerprints, it means that overripe melon.This better not to take.In addition, peel, of course, must be free of cracks and dents.
  4. considerable role "haptics" that depend on the melon varieties.For example, "Collective Farm Girl" to the touch should be uniformly smooth, and "Torpedo", on the contrary, pleasantly rough, with tangible grooves over the entire surface.
  5. Another criterion that will help you choose a melon - her color.On the surface of the melon should be no dark spots, painting - uniform for all grades.Outwardly, "Collective Farm Girl" intense yellow and round, "torpedo" - extra long and large.
  6. «Tail» melon should be slightly dried, and the "nose", ie, the trace of a flower - soft.
  7. Another sign of a good melon, which, however, is determined after purchase, - seeds.At the ripe melons are large, easy to depart from the pulp.

How to choose a watermelon:

  • supplement Buy melon not collapsed, and in the official outlets, department stores and supermarkets.
  • best season to buy a melon - the second half of August - September.
  • Do not buy a melon near the tracks, as the fruits are actively absorb heavy metals and other toxic substances.
  • Melons in any case should not lie on the ground!This can damage them, and the agents of dangerous infections will fall through the cracks in the melon.
  • If in doubt, ask the seller to show a permit issued by a specialized body, and the results of laboratory testing.If there is no problem, it will display all the documents.If you refuse to do it, it is better to make a purchase elsewhere.
  • Never buy sliced ​​melon, even if they are wrapped in plastic wrap.We can not vouch for the cleanliness of the knife and the seller hands.A sweet melon pulp is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

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