Vitamins in food : the whole truth

Vitamins in food : the whole truth
How to calculate your personal rate of vitamins like vitamins found in foods and help the body to absorb all the most useful, describe in this article.

Summer - expanse for enriching the body with vitamins.Fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden just the most different kinds of berries straight from the bush.But even with all this richness of the body can still suffer from a lack of vitamins.

Vitamins in food: the daily rate

On the Internet easy to find a table with the daily requirement of vitamin for humans.You can get acquainted in detail with each group of vitamins and create for themselves a balanced diet for the day.

example, vital human vitamin C, it strengthens blood vessels and ligaments, prevents aging, improves the overall immunity of the organism.It is obvious that in order to prevent the lack of vitamin C should be consumed citrus fruits, vitamin found in spinach, bell peppers, black currants.Every day a person must be 70 mg.

is important to deal with the vitamins of group B, whi

ch is quite a lot and each of them is responsible for certain areas of the human body: vitamins B1 ensure the healthy functioning of the central nervous system, are necessary for digestion B3, B5 affect fat metabolism and so on.Naturally, for each vitamin B group calculated its daily rate.There

these vitamins in food products such as beans, eggs, liver, meat, seafood, and they are derived from nuts, cheese, buckwheat.Vitamin A

responsible for smoothness of the skin and eye health, a person needs a dose of 1 mg per day.We can find the vitamin in food products, for example in egg yolks, cheese, and orange fruits and vegetables: apricot, pumpkin, carrot, mango.

often cause fatigue, drowsiness and overvoltage can be a lack of vitamins D. These vitamins are involved in the work of thyroid and sex glands, affect the nervous system, and help to form the skeleton.D Vitamins can be generated under the influence of sunlight, but the thing - on the contrary vitamin C is destroyed by sunlight.It turns out smarter to get vitamin D from the food to the same daily rate is only 5 mg.

man also needs vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin H, to get these vitamins in food can also be arranging a special diet.

As milligrams converted into kilograms

found out the number of necessary vitamins, you can refer to the table of contents of vitamins in foods, and choose for themselves the perfect diet.However, the daily rate of vitamins concept overall.After all, in fact, each person needs a different amount of vitamins.

vitamins in foods are especially necessary for pregnant and lactating mothers.The need for vitamins also depends on the person's age, the style of his life, physical and mental stress, and even from his place of residence.

It turns out that not enough focus on the daily rate, you must count the number of necessary vitamins private, taking into account individual needs of the body.

Having your personal daily requirement, you may encounter the following problem - vitamins in foods is not easy to obtain.It turns out that to get vitamins from food, there will have quite a lot.

If you fill in the body lack of vitamin C seems to be quite easy, to get your daily dose of vitamin B1 (rate of about 1.5-1.7 mg) would have to eat a kilogram of bread, or almost half a kilogram of buckwheat.And that's just one vitamin!

In order to get your daily dose of vitamins have to eat huge portions.

vitamin content in products

pitfalls encountered on the way to drafting an optimal diet.After all, not all of the products we eat fresh and raw.And it's not just the fact that the vitamin content in food is reduced after the heat treatment, even a one-day storage affects the fruit and vegetables.On

reduction affects biological value stored in the refrigerator, in a metal pot, zamorzka or drying food, clean fruit from the rind.

total biological value of products is also steadily declining due to modern technologies of cultivation and storage.In order to deal with pests, using chemicals, and to preserve the beautiful appearance of fruits and vegetables are coated with special solutions.Naturally, in foodstuffs due vitamins such processing are not so useful, and their content is significantly reduced.

This means that to meet the daily needs of our body have to have more.The way out of this situation may be growing their own herbs, vegetables, fruits and berries.However, in our country keep the natural economy hinder the weather and the seasons, the elementary.And stock up on vitamins for the future can not be in food.

assimilation by the body

Vitamins in food absorbed by the body is not always easy.Some vitamins are absorbed only in combination with others.And with a lack of certain nutrients in the body, vitamins are absorbed much worse - for example, if you do not eat enough protein, your body will slowly absorb vitamin B2 and vitamin C, also deteriorate and the process of synthesis of vitamin A from carotene.

Factors affecting the digestibility of vitamins falling body:

  1. Bad habits.Because smoking destroys vitamin A and C and alcohol consumption interferes with the positive effects on the body of B vitamins
  2. Intensive physical nagruzki.K Unfortunately, along with the fat at a very active training can be excreted from the body vitamins C, B6 and B2.
  3. Medicines.Vitamins are not metabolized by the body can be in foods because of the sensitivity to the drug.For example, laxatives affect the amount of vitamin A in the body, extended use of antibiotics and oral contraceptives digestibility results in a loss of B vitamins and vitamin H and K. Long
  4. stresses.Short-term stress situations activate the work of the body, but prolonged stress always affects us negatively, for example, causes the body to spend more vitamins B, E, S.
  5. rejection of dairy products.The bacteria contained in yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, are actively involved in the synthesis of amino acids, and even able to synthesize certain vitamins.With a lack of dairy products in the diet of a person has a deficiency of vitamins B, K, S.

Besides all of the above for the absorption of nutrients by the body need to eat natural products and not semi-finished products.

vitamins in foods allow us to get together with food and even a portion of health, albeit very small.

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