Fragrant stroke prevention

Fragrant stroke prevention
According to recent research, coffee can be an excellent way to prevent stroke - enough only one cup a day.

According to a study published in the April issue of the journal Stroke, women who drink a day a cup of coffee or more, less likely to suffer from a stroke.

Coffee and prevention of stroke

Of course, this does not mean that in order to reduce the occurrence of stroke risk all need to start drinking coffee.The medical literature presents very contradictory information on its effects on the cardiovascular system.

However, the results of research scientists from Sweden say more in favor of the use of coffee, rather than against it.Research work carried out among nearly 35 thousand. The ladies between the ages of 49 to 83 years.Data analysis revealed that if a woman drinks a day over a cup of coffee, this reduces the risk of stroke by 22-25% compared with those ladies who use less coffee or do not drink it at all.

Scientists watched his charges for 10 years.During this period, there was about 1

.7 thousand. Strokes.. Of these, slightly more than 1.3 thousand attacks were ischemic, that is associated with impaired blood flow into certain areas of the brain;154 hemorrhagic stroke was caused by bleeding in the brain tissue to break the vessel.Subarachnoid hemorrhage was noted 79, the cause of which is bleeding under the arachnoid membrane of the brain.In 137 cases of stroke cause remains unknown.

The study results showed that coffee consumption reduces the risk of stroke overall and of ischemic and subarachnoid hemorrhage forms in particular.Coffee had no effect on the probability of occurrence of hemorrhagic stroke.

exact mechanisms of coffee affect the heart and blood vessels are still unknown.Under assumptions Susanne Larsson, lead author of the study from the National Institute of Environmental Health at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm (Sweden), coffee may reduce the severity of vascular inflammation, as well as to increase the sensitivity of cells and tissues to insulin.In addition, it is possible that women who did not drink coffee, affected by other unknown risk factors which increase the risk of stroke.

Absolutely can say one thing: a moderate, or even excessive consumption of coffee does not increase the risk of stroke.

¬ęCoffee beans have a broad spectrum of action on the body.They not only affect the sensitivity of cells to insulin, but also reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes - one of the risk factors for stroke, "- says Professor Eric Rimm of the Harvard Medical School in the comments to the Swedish scientists.

Use coffee

Recent studies have shown that the risk of stroke may be increased within one hour after drinking coffee.This is due to increased blood pressure and heart rate.However, in the long term coffee has more positive effects on the body and contributes to the prevention of stroke.

Scientists believe that the sharp rejection of coffee can cause a person even more damage than the excessive consumption.And so they are advised to stick to the coffee habit, or reduce the number of cups of coffee to a minimum, but not to exclude it altogether.

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