Rheumatoid arthritis : its against their

Rheumatoid arthritis : its against their
As young people at risk of becoming disabled: What is rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis - an autoimmune disease is severe, the beginning of which often falls on young age - 30-35 years.It is characterized by high disability, reaching 70%, which comes very quickly.

Rheumatoid arthritis - an autoimmune disease is severe, the beginning of which often falls on young age: 30-35 years.In addition, for the disease is characterized by high disability, reaching 70%, which in this case occurs very quickly.

How does rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis - a disease of the connective tissue, which develop severe arthritis - multiple, often symmetrical joint disease, mostly small ones.In this disease due to the autoimmune process of articular cartilage is destroyed, because of which disrupted the affected joints, and pain occur.

Rheumatoid arthritis may start at any joint, but generally begins with the joints of the fingers.ill often complain of joint stiffness in the morning, tired, fatigue,

symptoms that resemble the common cold (flu syndrome), muscle pain, weight loss.In some cases it may be disrupted some glands: the feeling of dryness of eyes and mouth due to insufficient production of tear fluid and saliva.

first rheumatoid arthritis can occur after intense physical exertion, emotional overdrive, amid strong fatigue after infectious diseases and other stress for the body influences.

causes of rheumatoid arthritis

still do not know exactly what is the cause of rheumatoid arthritis.Some of the changes that are observed in rheumatoid arthritis, indirect evidence of infectious origin of the disease: it is believed that the infection can result in malfunction of the immune system in people with a hereditary predisposition.However, the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis antibacterial agents effectively, which can be considered a refutation of this theory.

possible, in the development of rheumatoid arthritis play the role of hereditary factors that predispose to the appearance of autoimmune reactions, but their role is not fully confirmed.

Identify Rheumatoid Arthritis

disease is detected on the basis of a number of signs.First of all, the doctor analyzes the symptoms (symmetrical lesions, involvement in the process of small joints, stiffness in the joints in the morning, etc.), The results of X-ray examination, biochemical blood tests.

Important features of rheumatoid arthritis include rheumatoid factor detection in blood (specific antibodies to other antibodies).The most progressive test is detection of antibodies to cyclic citrulline-containing peptide (anti-CCP, anti-CCP).

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis includes a whole range of different activities.The treatment program is adjusted depending on the disease, age, weight, general state of health.

important point in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis are physical exercises that are aimed at preserving joint mobility.

Spa treatment and physiotherapy believe helper methods, they are used at low severity of arthritis.

In severe cases, when the joints are severely damaged, and their work is greatly impaired, perform reconstructive surgery.

However, the primary means of treatment drugs are given disease.Medicines used to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints.Treatment begins with the selection of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (naproxen, ibuprofen and others.) In addition, using the glucocorticoid drug (prednisolone, etc.), So-called means of basic therapy (hydroxychloroquine, sulfasalazine, methotrexate, gold salts, D-penicillamine, etc.) and biological agents (infliximab, adalimumab, and others.).

However, one should remember that all of these drugs have serious side effects, and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis should be supervised by a physician.

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