Olive oil against breast cancer

substances contained in the olive oil, can prevent some forms of breast cancer.

Spanish researchers wondered why some studies have shown that olive oil, which is rich in Mediterranean cuisine, reduces the risk of breast cancer, while others - not.They suggested that the active ingredients of olive oil only affect certain types of cancer.

olive oil against breast cancer

whether olive oil Reduces the risk of cancer of the breast?

Yes - but only 20% to 30% of cases of breast cancer caused by the oncogene of HER2, - studies have shown the candidate Sciences Javier A. Menendez and his colleagues from the Catalan Institute of Oncology in Girona (Spain)

Spanish scientists have wondered whysome studies show that olive oil, which is rich in Mediterranean cuisine, leads to a reduction in the risk of breast cancer, while others - not.They suggested that the active ingredients of olive oil only affect certain types of cancer.There

drug Herceptin, which helps against the oncogene of HER2, which is produced

by tumor cells in breast cancer.Olive oil compound may have the same properties?

Menéndez team took various compounds isolated from natural olive raw materials - the first was obtained without heat treatment and have kept the majority of olive connections, and the second - those who have lost more properties as a result of treatment and showed a lower quality olive oil.

They found that two kinds of compounds of the type (and lignans sekoiridoidy) destroyed HER2-positive cells of human breast cancer, but had little effect on the HER2-negative cells.

They also found that, when fed to rats with the carcinogen-induced breast cancer, large quantities of olive oil, fewer animals with malignant tumors.

But this does not mean that if you eat a lot of olive oil, it is possible to prevent breast cancer or cure him.

"need for extreme caution in the interpretation of our results," - warn Menendez and colleagues

One class of anticancer compounds -. Sekoiridoidy disintegrate quickly in the inactive compound ", when they get to the stomach.These compounds are likely to can not help if they are to eat.

On the other hand, the compounds lignans' can deploy different molecular scenario ", - claimed Menendez and his colleagues.The mouse's body, after a research-feeding, it lignans accumulate in tumor tissues, suggesting that lignans activity may be associated with their direct local impact on "

breast tumor tissue. The study also shows that the use of flaxseedis useful for women who have recently identified breast cancer. Flaxseed has a high concentration of lignans.

Despite this, Menendez and colleagues note that there should be more research before doctors can recommend components of olive oil for the prevention ofor treatment of breast cancer.

Research Menendez predstvleny in the open access journal «BMC cancer».

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