Dysmorphophobia : distorted perception

Scientists believe that a distorted perception of their own body occurs when BDD is associated with impaired visual processing.

Dysmorphophobia - serious mental disorder characterized by a distorted perception of their own body or its parts.Exaggeration shortcomings appearance, including imaginary, leads to numerous mental symptoms, such as social phobia, isolation, desire for surgery to correct defects, etc.

Scientists from the University of California found that patients with bodily dysmorphic disorder disturbed perception of the integrity of facilities, whether it's your own face, or an inanimate object, which does not allow them to see the big picture.

It's all in the details

It is still not carried out the study of brain activity in visual perception in people with dysmorphic disorder.This study was an important step in the understanding of disorders occurring in the brain of patients with dysmorphia, which in the future will help to develop ways to distorted perception of body correction in

these patients.

dysmorphia People tend to fix his attention on certain items, such as, for example, a long nose, and it does not perceive a person as a whole.Not seeing a complete picture of patients with dysmorphia focuses on the individual, ugly in their opinion, the details and the defects of the body.

This feature gives rise to the perception of intrusive thoughts related to the defect, and to corresponding changes in behavior, such as constant viewing herself in the mirror.Many patients are so shy of external flaws, they do not want to leave the house, and again expose themselves to plastic surgery, but despite this, many persist suicidal thoughts.

Study The study involved 14 people, men and women suffering from BDD, and the same number of healthy people in the control group.During the experiment, the participants in parallel with the magnetic resonance scans were shown photos of houses unchanged or processed in a certain way to explore the features of visual perception.Thus, the smallest details, such as tiles on the roof were identified in some of the photos.In other photos, by contrast, focus on fine detail is not compromised, presenting only the big picture, that is, the outline of the house, windows and doors.

Scientists have found abnormal brain activity in patients with dysmorphia, appears when the form of images that do not contain small parts.Certain parts of the brain responsible for visual processing signals were less active dysmorphia patients than in healthy people.Moreover, the stronger the symptoms of dysmorphia were expressed, the less active areas of the brain are responsible for the perception of the whole objects.

Problems of perception

study found irregularities in the processing of visual information in patients with BDD, resulting in the perception of objects as a whole, that is, the general picture.Nevertheless, so far it is not clear whether these violations cause bodily dysmorphic disorder, or, on the contrary, developed as a result of the disease.

study is published in the journal Psychological Medicine.

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