The fight against nail fungus

With the defeat of nail fungus at the free edge of the nail appear dull yellowish spots or stripes.Then the nail plate thickens, becomes gray-yellow in color and serrated edge, easy to crumble.

When walking can cause a burning sensation and pain, skin around the nail becomes red.Defeat can go to other nails, because it's contagious.With long-term course of the disease nails can almost collapse.

fungus infection comes from a sick person or animal, or through items that were in use in patients.It affects the skin, usually the feet, hands, nails, hair, may also be affected mucous membranes and internal organs.Consider how to deal with nail fungus - the most problematic area of ​​the outer destruction.Nail plate is solid keratin formation, which complicates its treatment, and its location affect the appearance of the person and the quality of life.

If there was fungus on the nails - what to do?Given that the infection occurred, it is necessary to strengthen the personal hygiene every day thoroughly wash

your feet with soap and then wipe dry, boiled and ironed socks, stockings, shoes process in acetic essence.Never let your shoes to other people, and do not use someone else's shoes.Do not walk barefoot at home, otherwise you will not only infect all close, but they themselves will never recover from the fungus.Take measures reduce the sweating of the feet, work wear removable shoes.

In the early stages of fungal nail infections treated successfully and quickly, and running a treatment for a long period, from three to four months to two years, and not always effective.Therefore, it is important to start treatment as early as possible, as soon as symptoms appear.Cut away any thickening of the nail after thorough washing with soap and water (preferably after steaming), keep this separate nail file and scissors.After sawing to apply antifungal nail in liquid form for deeper drug absorption.You can use Nitrofungin, Termikon, but the best remedy - Exoderil solution.After soaking solution rationally applied to the nail antifungal ointment or cream (ekzoderil or Lamisil, Nizoral or others.), It will provide a longer duration of action of the drug.Such procedures do every day, morning and evening, for 10 days, if necessary, repeat the course.As recovery and regrowth of the nail using an antifungal ointment or cream to prevent, especially when visiting the baths, saunas, beach and others.

With a small lesion fungus out of the corner of the nail plate is shown antifungal treatment or varnish Batrafen Lotseril.The varnish is applied on the entire nail 1-2 times a week, long-term treatment.To fight against nail fungus does not become an ordeal, always and everywhere to observe good personal hygiene, use a separate towel (each member of the family), some slippers, nail files, combs.Regularly disinfect expose all come into contact with anything fungus.Bath after bathing treated with detergent and bleach agent (chloramine, Samarovka et al.), Mats, shoes, nail care items disinfected.Remember that the most effective in the fight against nail fungus - is prevention.It is necessary to monitor the health of nails and skin of hands and feet regularly to care for them, to deal with sweating, wear comfortable shoes.

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