Ulcerative gastritis

Ulcerative Gastritis - Gastritis is accompanying symptomatic ulcer.It is logical to assume that inflammation, which resulted in damage to the integrity of (ulcers) of the surface layer of the gastric mucosa, is not limited to the size of the ulcer, but much larger.

Ulcerative Gastritis

- is gastritis, gastric ulcer accompanying symptomatic.It is logical to assume that inflammation, which resulted in damage to the integrity of (ulcers) of the surface layer of the gastric mucosa, is not limited to the size of the ulcer, but much larger.

Symptomatic or peptic ulcer - acute or chronic damage to the gastric mucosa, characterized by ulcers, gastritis is a local manifestation of this is probably the place with the greatest exposure to irritant factors.For symptomatic ulcers include: a) ulcer drugs arising from drug irritation;b) hypoxic ulcers related to atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart failure, chronic pneumonia and emphysema;hormonal ulcers in pancreatic tumors and diseases of the thyroid gland;c)

stress ulcers in burn disease, myocardial infarction, stroke;g) ulcers, arisen in hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.The emergence of symptomatic (peptic) ulcer of the stomach often promotes a combination of precipitating factors.

Symptomatic gastric ulcers are diverse in manifestation.They may be asymptomatic, masquerading as the underlying disease may be acute or chronic.Intrigue them is that they can give serious complications: ulcer perforation (perforation of the stomach wall) and ulcer bleeding that occur suddenly, with no complaints from the digestive system, amid apparent prosperity.

Ulcerative Gastritis

As a modification of the pathological (disease) process flow of erosive and ulcerative gastritis and gastritis bulbit.Diagnosis: "erosive and ulcerative gastritis" means that, along with peptic ulcer patient has erosive damage to the gastric mucosa.Erosion - it also damages the surface layer of the mucous membrane integrity, but smaller, more numerous, and more superficial.However, peptic ulcers are not prone to bleeding and erosion often bleed.

Gastritis - bulbit evidence of erosion in the duodenum along with the existing inflammation in the stomach.Accordingly, the symptoms of gastritis symptoms bulbita will be added: a constant dull or sharp pain yazvennopodobnom at the navel, nausea, vomiting, feeling of fullness, and fullness in the upper abdomen after eating.

Medication complex as in peptic ulcer disease, plus treatment of the underlying disease.At the "medicinal" cancel ulcer drug, which caused the formation of ulcers.Tablets from gastritis is used in accordance with the level of acidity: reduce high omeprazole gistakom, ultop and lower if necessary, increase the substitute gastric juice.The enzymes (Creon, panzinorm, Wobenzym) administered in many cases.To protect the mucous membrane is sometimes prescribed Venter, and to repair damaged foci - Cytotec, dalargin.It is recommended bed rest and split meals.

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