What if numb hands

why numb hands?Numbness - a loss of sensation, accompanied by an unpleasant pulling sensation and tingling.If momentarily numb hands, the reason is not always associated with any disease.

why numb hands?

numbness - loss of feeling is accompanied by an unpleasant pulling sensation and tingling.If momentarily numb hands, the reason is not always associated with any disease.This may occur from compression of nerve bundles and blood vessels, resulting in disrupted blood flow.At home numbness of the hands it is often the case when heavy bags, while working with their hands up, at a wrong sitting posture with a throw on the couch with your hand or when wearing tight clothing.When releasing the tapered space (shoulder, elbow or wrist) blood flow is restored and the numbness goes away.

Causes numbness in the hands

disease causing numbness of hands.If numbness of hands happens often for a long time and irrespective of domestic reasons, you should think of it as a symptom of a disease and undergo a medic

al examination.The most common disorders in the body, leading to numbness of hands, are to reduce blood sugar levels, decreased levels of thyroid hormones and sex hormones, as well as a lack of B vitamins, and disorders of mineral metabolism.

Lowering blood sugar occurs when the disease diabetes, pancreatitis, or in diseases of the digestive system, leading to insufficient absorption.Reducing the levels of the hormone thyroxine hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland disease.The level of sex hormone always declines during menopause, sometimes it drops gynecological diseases in women and urological diseases in men.Lack of vitamins and minerals obtained in poor suction, and after serious illness or malnutrition.

In the second place, after the exchange reasons are diseases musculoskeletal associated with a pinched nerve and vessels.When the well-known osteochondrosis cervical disk herniation can jam the nerve fibers.When changes of the joints of the cervical vertebrae (arthritis, periarthritis, spondylosis) change and ligaments, all this leads to pain in the neck, shoulders, arms and numbness.Usually, one-sided pinching, striking one limb.

Much less common causes associated with the disorder of blood supply to the hands, such as Raynaud's syndrome.More than anything in the end the blood vessels of the hands and the negative impact cold stress.fingers numb and polyneuropathy - the defeat of the small brush nerves.If your hands become numb at night, we can assume the manifestation of cervical spine disease, cervical ribs, cardio vascular disease.

What if numb hands?

What if his hands numb?

to restore blood flow, you need to shake hands and vigorously several times to compress and unclench his fists.Then stretch your fingers.If numbness happens in bed, you need to roll over on your back, raise your hands up and squeeze vigorously to unclench his fists several times.Then put your hands down at your sides and repeat clenching fists.Useful during the day knead hands and roll the balls in the palm of your hand.Frequent recurrence of symptoms should consult a doctor and undergo treatment.

For the prevention of metabolic disorders in the spring and autumn is useful to take a complex of vitamins and minerals.For good circulation, joint mobility and prevent many diseases requires physical activity.Stereotyped movement at work, they will not use all muscle groups on the other hand, some of them overtaxed.Likewise, the spine and joints involved.Therefore, you can not replace the work of the morning exercises and regular physical training sessions.

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