Asthma in children : treatment

As much can be said about the state of our cough and lung allergic disposition of the body!Coughing is a natural reaction, as a result of which the body is cleansed of unwanted substances accumulated in the airways.

Treatment of bronchial asthma in children

As much can be said about the state of our cough and lung allergic disposition of the body!Coughing is a natural reaction, as a result of which the body is cleansed of unwanted substances accumulated in the airways.If suddenly began coughing in a child, worried for a long time and can not be removed by any means, it is important to determine whether the baby swallowed something.Foreign bodies in the airways can lead to irreversible deformation and have serious consequences, so you need to apply to the medical institution.

If the cough is accompanied by dry wheezing and difficulty breathing, and these attacks are repeated, it is possible that these are manifestations of asthma.Young children are torn during the attack, because they can not find a

comfortable position.His expression pained.When listening during an attack there is a weakening of breath, wheezing, dry.With decreasing noisy breathing begins a painful cough, it may be vomiting.For children is characterized by uneven rhythm and respiratory rate, and in the interictal period is often observed violation of the ratio of the respiratory phases.Lengthening the exhalation remains long after the end of the attack.Children with asthma are often found adenoid growths, enlargement of the tonsils.

asthma in children - Treatment

Today proved that asthma is a chronic disease that has an allergic nature.Often, parents of sick children also suffer from allergic diseases.It is proved that the cause of atopic form of allergic diseases is damage to the chromosome apparatus, which is inherited.This damage results in increased sensitivity to various allergens, which is expressed in the immediate type allergic reactions.In children with a hereditary form of atopic allergic reactions occur at an early age, with 3-4 months when complementary feeding begins.Early childhood allergic disease becomes chronic dermatitis, eczema, asthma.In older children the importance in the development of bronchial asthma has an infectious factor and stress loads.Treatment of the disease is carried out in accordance with the standards of treatment of bronchial asthma, taking into account the children's age.

complications of bronchial asthma in children can occur with intensive allergens.For example, asthmatic bronchitis and false croup status, life-threatening, most often occur in the New Year holidays, when children eat them banned products.In severe asthma in children develop complications are the same as in adult patients: respiratory and heart failure.Children

asthma often generated based food allergy, it is important to determine as early as possible allergens.For this mother is recommended to keep a food diary in which to record all of the products that are given to the child.Under the ban should be known allergens that are allergens for all honey, citrus, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, mushrooms and nuts.Remember that holidays are no allergies.The ban is valid at all times.Allergy insidious that develops suddenly: suddenly among full health, the child begins to choke and cough.If your doctor has allowed the child sometimes, a couple of times a week, eat candy or citrus fruits, it is best to this "time" to postpone the event.It is important not to abuse the allergens, it is better to be able to eat them in small quantities for a long time, than ever before.Even the permitted foods eaten in large quantities, can cause allergies (asthma attack).The main thing to know in the whole measure, then your child will develop a par with healthy children.One of the key recommendations in asthma therapeutic exercises, which will help the proper development of the child's respiratory and full control over the disease.

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