Asthma : Symptoms and Treatment

stages of asthma reflect the severity of the disease on clinical grounds, and based on them developed stepwise approach to the treatment used by doctors.

Bronchial Asthma Symptoms And Treatment

stages of asthma reflect the severity of the disease on clinical grounds, and based on them developed stepwise approach to the treatment used by doctors.First, examine the patient, determine the severity of the disease it has and to what degree it belongs, then appointed him medication prescribed in the standards for this grade level.This avoids unnecessary mistakes in treating and saving the patient and the treatment strength.

lung disease stage (stage 1): intermittent asthma (BA) is shown a multiplicity of attacks at least 1 time per week, short exacerbations, rare nocturnal symptoms, a slight change in lung volume.Mild persistent asthma (stage 2) has seizures more than 1 time per week, but less than 1 time per day, there are nightly bouts of more than 2 times per month, acute effect on physical activity an

d sleep, increased abnormalities in lung performance.Persistent moderate asthma (stage 3) is shown by daily symptoms, night symptoms occur more than 1 time per week, an exacerbation can affect physical activity and sleep, you must daily use inhalers.Severe persistent asthma (stage 4) is characterized by frequent heavy bouts taking place, they often occur at night, it required the use of hormonal drugs, frequent exacerbations, daily manifestation of the disease, poor lung performance.Exercise tolerance in this stage the disease is low.

Bronchial Asthma - Symptoms And Treatment

Assistance with asthma may need a person who has appeared for the first time, or attack suddenly.Firstly, you should immediately call «ambulance» or to find a doctor.If the obvious connection with an allergy attack, you need to give the person an antihistamine, preferably Zyrtec, Telfast cetirizine or, as in the case of asthma, they effectively Claritin or suprastin.If a person has already had attacks, when it may be an inhaler to help him breathe in 1 or 2 doses of salbutamol (Ventolin, beroteka).If the patient breathes in an inhaler, then he does not need to take an antihistamine, and it is possible to give a tablet aminophylline.The patient is best to take a sitting position.If you are not allergic to pollen, you open the window.If the attack fails, and next to no medical care acute asthma possible introduction of hormones intramuscularly.It is necessary to make an injection of two ampoules prednisolone or hydrocortisone, or dexamethasone.After the injection, you should immediately look for any associated transport and how to take the patient to the nearest medical facility as soon as possible.

Diet for asthma should be hypoallergenic.If there is no information about the facts of intolerance to certain foods, it is recommended that adequate nutrition, but with the restriction of the strong meat and fish broth, salt, spicy and salty foods, spices and seasoning, carbohydrate: sugar, honey, chocolate and products thereof.If you have a food allergy in asthma, it is used with the exception of diet foods that cause worsening of the disease.Hospitals used diet №9 (diet with moderately reduced caloric) or adjusted diet №15 (complete, with the exception of indigestible and pungent foods).

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