Warts on hands

to skin disease Hand are warts - small benign viral origin.Externally similar to warts dense bundles of flat rough surface gray-brown or normal skin color, diameter 0,5-3mm, sometimes up to 10 mm.

Infection occurs through direct contact with the patient and through household items, warts help small skin trauma and depression of the nervous system.

are several types of warts are found most often ordinary (common) and flat (youthful) warts, which is a favorite place - on the back of the hand and the fingers.Especially susceptible to warts schoolchildren and young persons.Typically, recognition of warts does not cause problems, but it is important to distinguish them from moles or warts on the hands.Warts on hands are painless, but sometimes can cause tingling, but they cause great damage to the appearance of man.

When the warts on the nail ridges, especially in the area of ​​the nail matrix, the nail plate becomes thin, rough, her form longitudinal or transverse grooves.The wart on the tip of a finger

may extend under the nail, then there are painful, the nail plate is separated from the bed becomes dull.Subungual warts are multiple, and warts on the finger surface may not be.

Treatment of warts in dermatology or beauty parlors carried electrocoagulation, liquid nitrogen, solid carbonic acid.There are methods for cauterization of warts surface of strong acids, but they are considered obsolete and dangerous.When multiple warts sometimes used surgical excision.Subungual warts require more complex special treatment from a dermatologist.Various methods are used as drug therapy.

When single warts successfully used a special liquid to cauterize (Verrukatsid, Ferezol) or lyapisny pencil.At the same time it is recommended intake of B vitamins - especially B12.Cauterizing liquids smeared only a rough surface warts with liquid penetrates its porous top.Pre-lubricated with vaseline healthy skin around the wart, not to burn.

many years used multiple lubrication warts Fresh juice of celandine.It is important to remember that often the person he increases the number of warts on their skin, spreading the infection from one wart.It is necessary to regularly inspect the skin of a child's hand, and with the appearance of warts immediately take measures for its removal.

Hand protection from infection or propagation of warts is the general hygienic rules, which can comply with both adults and children, children only need to tell us about them.Clean hands with intact skin - a great barrier against viruses.For the prevention of warts is necessary to support the nervous system in balance and to avoid the possible infection sites.

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