Back pain - folk remedies

Before treatment of back pain, traditional medicine recommends necessarily spend cleaning the body from the salts by any of the methods.

is considered one of the best rice Method: Wash rice, add water, bring to a boil, boil for 5 minutes.Remove from the heat and rinse again.Fill with fresh water and then boil for 5 minutes, drain.On the fourth time Dowar rice and rinse.Season with butter and honey.

morning to eat 50-100g of the four-washed rice instead of breakfast and lunch to nothing else to eat or drink.If you are thirsty, you can drink rainwater or distilled water.Lunch and dinner - as usual.In the evening - a decoction of any cones conifers.Cones are medium in size in the morning to put in a glass of water, in the evening it boil for 5 minutes and discard the lump.Add to the broth a glass of boiled water and drink half in the evening, the rest - on the next day.

against back pain, this method is used for a month.During treatment, limit the use of salt in food.It is believed that this treatment f

or a month from the body goes up to 4 kg of salt.If on the 18-21 day of treatment will be pain in the heart (potassium loss along with other salts), you need to take honey 3-4 times a day for a teaspoon or eat dried apricots.The method is applicable in case of osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis, gout.

sharp pain in the back is removed compress of grated horseradish.To do this, grated horseradish with juice imposed on the napkin and apply to the affected area for 30-50 minutes.To reduce the burning add a bit of horseradish cream.

muscular back pain is recommended to treat the composition of black radish juice.To do this, 1 glass of juice of black radish mixed with 0.5 cup honey, 2 tbsp.spoons of vinegar and tightly close the lid.Bank to wrap dark paper and keep on the bottom shelf in the closed table.Sore spot pre-oiled to avoid burns, and then make a compress from the resulting mass by 30-40 minutes.After removing the compress clean the skin thoroughly with a soft cloth and wrap up well.The procedure to do 1 times a day for 2 weeks.

Folk remedies for back pain are varied and their great variety, but there are those who have gained international fame.For example, the infusion of flowers of lilac and acacia are known in many countries and are widely used.

!Art.spoon small flowers insist on half a liter of vodka without branches 7 days, shaking occasionally, then strain and use as a rub.In periods when there is no fresh flowers, even use the terminal twigs and leaves of lilac, grinding them well.

World fame deservedly tincture of burdock root for rubbing and compresses.For its preparation take dried crushed roots of burdock roots the rate of 10g per 100g of vodka, insist in a dark place for 2 weeks, filter.Store in a well-closed container in a cool place.Fresh leaves of burdock can be applied at night to where it hurts the bottom side, pre-wash the leaves.Top cover with paper or foil and heat wrap the affected area.

Russian kings against back pain and joints used larkspur (comfrey), make a poultice of it, and compresses, ointments and grindings.Nowadays larkspur Series ointment sold in pharmacies and are still popular with chronic back pain.

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