Back Pain : Causes

Back pain is familiar to many people and are concerned at different periods of their lives.It is widely believed that the causes of back pain are associated with osteochondrosis.

causes of back pain

Back pain is familiar to many people and are concerned at different periods of their lives.It is widely believed that the causes of back pain are associated with osteochondrosis.Indeed, low back pain and other spinal diseases give pain.But this is not the only reason.Back pain may occur in diseases of internal organs such as the pancreas, liver, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, reproductive organs, and blood vessels and diseases of the central nervous system.

Backaches except sciatica can accompany pancreatitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis, pyelonephritis or urolithiasis.In these diseases, sore lower back due to the nature of the nerve pathways of the internal organs located.

When diseases of the stomach and the pancreas can give pain in the upper part of the waist, usually on

both sides;and in diseases of the kidneys gives pain to the middle and lower part of the waist on the side of the sick kidneys and can spread to the inner thighs.Excruciating and unbearable back pain in the thoracic region may be pancreatitis.

back pain Causes

back pain on the left is characteristic for intestinal diseases (may also be on both sides).Very often pain indicate gynecological diseases in women, and diseases of the prostate, seminal ducts in men, which is also due to the anatomical proximity to bodies of lumbosacral nervous system.

Such pain, favoring the nerve trunk in the side of the patient's body, called radiates and sometimes make it difficult to diagnose because they can mimic other disease, such as lumbago.Because the doctor is necessary to evaluate the presence of all the available symptoms and test results, to make a correct diagnosis.

But the most common cause of back pain - a disease of the spine.If back pain after sleeping for a long time and it is difficult to maintain one position of the body - it can be assumed lumbalgia, ie lumbar spine disease associated with degenerative changes in it.When lumbalgia pain increases gradually.Patients themselves go, but they find it difficult to bend down and bent over, more difficult to straighten upright.In these patients, the pain is often reduced during the work associated with the movement, but they back hurts long walks.

When lumbago appear sharp pain on lumbago type, usually after an awkward movement by tilting or rotating the torso.Sick as it binds, it freezes in place.Any movement, conversation intensifies the pain.Pain decreases in supine position.

osteochondrosis cervical and thoracic also a very common cause of pain in the upper back.Damaged processes, discs and other parts of the vertebrae can compress the nerve endings, blood vessels or the surrounding tissue, causing pain.When chondrosis cervical pain may spread to the front surface of the arm or chest and a vane immitiruya myocardial infarction.The pain is worse when coughing, sneezing, head movement.When lesions of the thoracic spine pain is encircling the character at the level of the chest or abdomen (as in pancreatitis).

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