Pain in the hand at the wrist syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome or a disease called clerks and programmers.In ancient times it suffered scribes, who had a lot to write and rewrite a variety of documents, books, annals, as there was stationery.

Carpal tunnel syndrome or a disease called clerks and programmers.In ancient times it suffered scribes, who had a lot to write and rewrite a variety of documents, books, annals, as there was stationery.Nowadays it often suffer programmers, which are also a lot of work with your hands, pressing the buttons on the keypad.However, printing can not only cause carpal tunnel syndrome, and not just programmers.

Any repetitive stress on the wrist can cause the development of tunnel syndrome, for example, driving a car, playing musical instruments, frequent long conversations on the phone, work with hand tools, the use of chopsticks and many others.Factors contributing to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome, can be health problems, such as Raynaud's disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism, kidney failure, menop

ause, pregnancy, as well as compartment syndrome and repetitive wrist injury.

Against the background of these diseases there is inflammation in the tunnel passage, and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.Carpal tunnel syndrome (TAP) - a chronic, painful condition that develops due to compression of the median nerve is inflamed, edematous wrist ligaments.Thus there is a narrowing of the canal and compression of the median nerve, flexor tendons and hand vessels.Sometimes TAP leads to atrophy of the median nerve, that is, to its irreversible destruction.

sore arm When carpal tunnel syndrome

main tunnel syndrome symptoms are pain, tingling, distension and violation of fine motor skills of hands.The pain in his hand is intense enough, it interferes with sleep.Tingling is more pronounced on the index, middle finger and thumb.The feeling of fullness and overflow occurs in the wrist, arm muscles are weakened.Motility disorders manifest themselves in awkward movements of the hands, the actions of seizure of objects by hand, fastening buttons, tying shoelaces.

For diagnosis usually sufficient visual medical examination to conduct tests on motor skills and accurate data history.To confirm the diagnosis of a survey carried out by electromyography.In severe cases can damage the bones, then prescribe X-rays.

Treatment TAP paid attention, because the hands - the main tool of human activity.In mild and moderate cases, the treatment is carried out with the help of medications and compresses the wrist, with the obligatory change of load conditions on the affected arm.Useful compresses Dimexidum (drug refining).To compress Dimexidum diluted in half with water, moisten the cloth, and put on the wrist for 20 minutes.After a compress applied to medical cream (gel).

In mild cases are widely used not only anti-inflammatory drugs, additionally appointed blockade, physiotherapy, massage, exercise therapy (exercises for the hands), acupuncture.In more severe cases, surgical treatment is recommended (hand surgery), especially if the illness lasts more than 10 months and is accompanied by intense pain, and if the patient's age more than 55 years.

essential drugs, the recommended oral with carpal tunnel syndrome, are the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs): piroxicam, nimesulide, ketoprofen, ibuprofen.When receiving NSAIDs may cause side effects, and these drugs have contraindications, so their appointment must be approved by your doctor.For topical treatment used Finalgel, long, FLEX, to help reduce pain, increase mobility of the wrist and make more precise movements with his hands.

What is to be feared during the course of treatment, so it's worsening illness due to treatment failure or improper performance of the prescribed assignments.In the absence of the therapeutic effect is necessary to once again ask the doctor to change the treatment regimen.This is exactly the case when the time is set.And, if you want to restore the health of your hands, you need to accurately perform all the advice of a doctor.

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