Russian children tested for tuberculosis innovative drug

Russian children be screened for tuberculosis modern biotech drugs
innovative drug for the diagnosis of tuberculosis "Diaskintest" will be used in Russia for the screening of tuberculosis in children 8-17 years as a modern and efficient alternative to the Mantoux test.

This is stated in the order of Ministry of Health of Russia №951 from 29.12.2014 "On Approval of the recommendations on improving the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis."

«Diaskintest" - is a recombinant allergen tuberculosis, the original development of the Russian biotech company "Generium"."Diaskintest" was awarded the Prize of the RF Government in the field of science and technology and the highest international award in the field of biopharmaceuticals - Galen Prize.

By far the most common method of diagnosing TB is the Mantoux test, which is used for more than 100 years.However, the massive use of Mantoux test for tuberculosis is overdiagnosis.

All Russian children receive vaccination against tuberculosis is still in the hospital, and then at the age of 7 years.Mantoux test g

ives a positive reaction in the majority of vaccinated children.Number of positive Mantoux test in children and adolescents ranges from 50% to 95%.

As a result of over-diagnosis of tuberculosis infection for children is assigned unreasonably preventive chemotherapy anti-TB drugs.Physicians often miss cases of this infection with tuberculosis, despite the positive Mantoux test, taking her by the false reaction to a previous vaccination.

«Diaskintest" has proven susceptible to TB infection and eliminates the false results related to a previous vaccination.This has been proven in the postmarketing observations, carried out in three countries in 2010 - 2014 gg.In five years, the use of "Diaskintest" was delivered more than 20 million samples.

As a result, the drug improved early diagnosis of tuberculosis in children, mainly due to the detection of small forms of tuberculosis.State expenditures related to the verification of false-positive reactions to the Mantoux test, account for more than 2 billion rubles.per year, "Diaskintest" will significantly reduce the cost of identifying each patient.

today signed contracts for export "Diaskintest" in eight countries.The agreement with China provides technology transfer to the country.There is a registration of the drug in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

«Diaskintest" becoming the standard in the diagnosis of tuberculosis in children - and this is good news for the Russian TB - said the chief of Russia Valentina children phthisiatrician Aksenov.- This product will bring TB diagnostics to a new level, to avoid unjustified treatment and fully identify risk groups for tuberculosis and local forms in the early stages. "

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