Celebrate spring with relief !

Celebrate spring with relief !
already in the air spring changes, sometimes you hear birdsong, and already on the calendar in March, which means - hurray, wintered!But still cold, frost, strong cold wind do not back down, but ahead of the new plans!And we stop in front of the mirror, casting a critical glance at myself, to find out how good we look in anticipation of spring.

In order to welcome the new spring at his peak, enough to fill up with new makeup makeup samples.

most important thing - it's healthy appearance, which means that the skin should be supple, elastic, and complexion - perfect.For this is the time to start a spring cleaning inside the body.

First you need to establish a healthy sleep, try to sleep, with a rest at least 8 hours a day.However, the most important thing - tidy digestion.

Whether we like it or not, that it affects the healthy sleep calm, clean skin, mood and performance.

It's no secret that constipation leads to poisoning of the whole organism, reduce the activity and impact on quality of life.

Unfortunately, women suffer from constipation in 2-3 times more often than men, and therefore have to be more attentive to her in the same way.

How to solve the problem?It would seem that there is nothing easier - buy in a drugstore laxative, and the result will not take long!However, not all so simple - one-time use of laxatives does not solve the problem of constipation, it is necessary to restore regular bowel function in full.

pondering diet, should introduce to your diet foods rich in dietary fiber - fruits and vegetables, do not forget about dairy products, drink plenty of water - at least 1.5 liters per day.

Regarding the choice of laxatives should be very careful here.If in their composition have senna, this can cause a sharp pain in the gut, the painful impulses in the most inconvenient time for you, and the frequent use of such drugs leads to the fact that the intestines refuses to work independently.This means that care should be soft, delicate and at the same time absolutely effective.

The problem of constipation help cope Fitomutsil standards - absolutely natural means.As part of the special rules Fitomutsila varieties of plantain Plantago Psyllium seeds and pulp Plum, completely absent colorants, sweeteners and flavorings.

What is particularly valuable, as a part of Fitomutsila norms no senna!Plantain Soluble fibers swell in the gut, absorbing water, and its contents are converted into a gel mass that is easily excreted from the body.

Fitomutsil standards - the champion on the content of soluble fiber, it Fitomutsile standards in 4 times more than in the bran!Gently and effectively Fitomutsil standards restores regular bowel movements, promotes the growth of beneficial microflora, removes toxins from the body and purifies it.

is enough to dissolve the sachet Fitomutsila standards in a glass of juice, yogurt or yogurt in the morning at breakfast and in the evening during dinner, and the intestines will work like a clock.Exemption will at a convenient time for you, no cramps, pain and discomfort.

main thing - do not forget to drink per day required amount of clean water to maintain her balance.Ahead of the spring, which means that the mood should be excellent, and all the problems must remain in the past.

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