Diabetes Prevention: 10 Ways

Diabetes Prevention: 10 Ways
Nowadays, diabetes has become a serious problem.This disease affects people of any age, it is insidious and dangerous: leads to an appreciable loss of health, disability and even early death.The predominant form - type 2 diabetes, which is based on acquired reduced sensitivity of tissues to insulin action, or failure of its production by the pancreas.Under these conditions, diabetes prevention is becoming a more important character.

In the occurrence of type 2 diabetes is the role of a genetic predisposition, but the risk of developing the disease increases significantly in the presence of factors such as older age, obesity and eating habits.

Prevention of type 2 diabetes is to eliminate some of the risk factors.

Diabetes: one at risk

whom and when to be afraid of developing diabetes?We must take seriously the possibility of this dangerous disease if:

  • blood relatives suffered from diabetes;
  • parameters in the analysis of blood sugar regularly raised;
  • is there sugar in the urine;
  • in the diet of many sweet foods, foods high in carbohydrates;
  • weight exceeds the norm;
  • age more than 45 years.

It should be examined in the framework of prevention of diabetes, if there are symptoms such as:

  • constant thirst;
  • frequent urination;
  • intensive weight loss for no apparent reason;
  • frequent weakness, fatigue, fatigue;
  • unbalanced mental state;
  • intermittent nausea, vomiting.

Medical care for patients with diabetes is necessary because the disease is fraught with many complications, such as myocardial infarction, stroke, renal work of, the occurrence of gangrene of the extremities, impotence.

ways of preventing diabetes

Prevention of type 2 diabetes include measures relating to regular health monitoring, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the formation of an optimal diet.

People with a family history of type 2 diabetes, overweight, elevated blood sugar, celebrating at the symptoms of the disease, it is necessary: ​​

  • regularly monitor the performance of glucose and cholesterol in the blood;
  • monitor the weight and to take measures for its reduction if necessary;
  • basis to make low-calorie food diet, reduce sugar intake, increase the proportion of complex carbohydrates and fiber;
  • excluded from the diet foods with artificial additives, canned food, fast food;
  • to organize meals - eat several times a day in small portions, chew;
  • not eat later than 3 hours before bedtime;
  • not have in the absence of hunger;
  • waive any diets that require fasting;
  • lead an active lifestyle, regular exercise;
  • learn how to monitor blood glucose levels.

Causing a visit to the doctor and having passed the necessary tests, observing the indicated above are quite simple rules that dictates diabetes prevention, you can keep under control the possible beginning of this dangerous disease.

Cinnamon in the fight against diabetes

assistant in the prevention of diabetes can become a favorite of many aromatic spices - cinnamon.

As a result of the experiment, which studied the effects of cinnamon on people suffering from type 2 diabetes and are overweight, it was found that:

  • cinnamon helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels in between meals;
  • on a background of cinnamon consumption decreases the level of "bad" cholesterol, while the level of "good" increases;
  • cinnamon reduces the amount of natural organic compounds, triglycerides, which significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease - diabetes frequent companions.

contraindication for the use of cinnamon can be some liver disease, so before you start cinnamon for diabetes prevention, it is recommended to consult with your doctor about the possibility of receiving the most of the spices and the required dose.

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