11 no obvious signs that you sleep enough

11 signs that you sleep enough
If you sleep four hours at night, you will definitely feel it all day.But if we see chronic lack of sleep, when day by day the body lacks an hour or two to fully recover?You may feel that you feel quite bearable, but in fact the body is working in overload mode.

Here are some non-obvious signs that you should reconsider your daily routine until you have caused serious harm to the body.

1. You feel always hungry

energy that the body loses during sleep, he tries to make up for the expense of food, experts explain.

When sleep deprivation increases levels of the hormone ghrelin hunger.This causes increased appetite, especially pulls on fatty and sugary foods.

In addition, there are problems with the saturation of the hormone leptin, which means that you do not feel when you have eaten enough.

2. You gain weight

Alas, the appetite does not pass without a trace, you begin to gain weight.And not only in appetite as such.

are tired, when the resources in the body is small, we can not make an informed

choice of food, and are more likely to eat something that comes their way.

study, the researchers also proved that with a lack of sleep decreases metabolism, which again leads to weight gain.In general, if you notice that they began to gain weight, think about whether you are getting enough sleep.

3. You become more violent

depletion of the nervous system due to a chronic lack of sleep leads to the fact that the man is more difficult to restrain their emotions, it is easy to irritate every detail.

becomes more difficult to be guided by reason and not by emotion, and you speak of the matter is that not going to the family, friends, colleagues or even random passers-by.

4. Have you always forget something

barely remember some little things like that, where you put the car keys or a called film that you watched last night?

Problems with short-term memory can also be a sign of a chronic lack of sleep.In the psyche is simply not enough resources, and from the sphere of consciousness is cut off everything that does not seem very important.

5. You become difficult decisions

If you have noticed that it became much more difficult to make decisions at work or at home, this could also say that the lack of sleep you already is threatening chronic.

One study clearly showed that jobs requiring a decision, people have decided is almost twice as long, if not enough sleep.

6. You become clumsy

Lack of sleep leads to inhibition of motor function and reduced concentration.As a result, you stumble out of the blue, do not fit through the doorway, constantly on something strikes, slipped, stumbled, and so on.

7. You have intensified emotional sensitivity

In a situation of lack of sleep really nerves on edge.This is why you start to cry because of all the little things and you can not hold back tears offended at harmless joke, starting to get angry and irritated without due cause.

you find it difficult to switch from negative emotions, you are permanently stuck to them.

8. Have you started to get sick often

Lack of sleep reduces the body's ability to fight infections that research has repeatedly demonstrated.One theory states that it is during sleep the body produces cytokines - substances that help fight infections and inflammations.

Thus, if no seasonal epidemic does not go past you and you constantly pick up a new virus, it can also be a signal that you should sleep more.

9. You become worse

see if you notice that it became more difficult to focus the mind, if you often see everything as if in a fog, is, oddly enough, can also talk about the chronic lack of sleep.

exhaustion of resources leads to muscle weakness and eye muscles react to one of the first.The result - the difficulty in focusing, as well as so-called double vision.

10. Do you have problems with the skin

Restoring skin cells are particularly active during sleep.If sleep is insufficient, it is reflected once on the skin.It becomes dry, peeling, pimples, and even excess wrinkles.The reason for that, and hormonal imbalance inherent in the lack of sleep.

11. Have you lost interest in sex

A recent study by American scientists have shown that each additional hour of sleep in the 14% increase in sexual activity.Both women and men say decreased libido against a chronic lack of sleep.

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