Spring danger : what diseases are aggravated after winter

Spring danger : what diseases are aggravated after winter
Spring - a season when the frequent exacerbation of chronic diseases.Many of them can not proceed very hard, and the man says in the season only mild malaise, but can be quite serious health problems.What we must remember to take advance measures to prevent the aggravation - in our article.

Despite the fact that it becomes more serene days, breaks the grass and the sun warms, doctors' offices are filled with patients of all ages - from infants to seniors.

Many chronic problems of the body do not come in the spring, and the reason for a lot: the body is weakened after a long winter, the mood at zero.In the body, active cells grow and divide, accelerates metabolism, and the resources and internal forces it is simply not enough, the body is forced to work with a strong overvoltage.

sources of replenishment of vitamins and minerals dramatically reduces their nutritional and caloric value.Fruits and vegetables are low in vitamins and minerals, are not fully offsetting all the body's needs.

In addition, the development of the disease affects:

  • reduced amount of physical activity and low exposure to fresh air;
  • intensification of solar radiation;
  • strong fluctuations of atmospheric pressure;
  • sharp fluctuations in day and night temperatures and hypothermia as a result of these changes;
  • decreased immunity;
  • nervous breakdown.

If a person is healthy, he copes with these increased loads, but if there is a chronic pathology, then there is a failure and there are acute.

Become more frequent headaches, somnolence and fatigue, impaired mental functions, and debilitated people, it leads to provoke diseases such as colds and somatic.

Most often, these phenomena affect children, because their bodies are still imperfect and can not fully respond to such stressful situations, and the elderly, have a whole bunch of diseases.

see what disease often exacerbated in the spring.


One of the most frequent complications of long winter is the exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease.Although the exact cause of this phenomenon, scientists can not yet set, but the vast majority of bleeding, pain attacks and ulcer complications falls in the spring.

Attribute this to the fact that people are more likely to violate the winter diet and alcohol abuse, and spring rapidly moving to a new style of power with which the stomach can not agree.This gives rise to a state of stress, causing changes the circulation of the stomach wall.

addition, spring - time of emotions and fatigue and emotional stress exacerbates digestive problems.From ulcers usually suffer nervous and thin, emotional people.

In the spring, you need to keep the nerves and sit on a diet to prevent possible aggravation of ulcers, it is necessary to give up drinking alcohol and smoking, eliminate coffee, spicy and sour dishes, strong broths and fast food, respect the meal.


No less frequent acute gastritis, and the mechanism of their appearance is very similar to a stomach ulcer.

main cause of gastritis - an unhealthy diet, and in the spring we want to sleep longer in the morning forget about breakfast, eat cold food at work and in the evening we suffer from unpleasant sensations in the stomach.

Long breaks meals in combination with general asthenia and stress, lack of vitamins and minerals lead to an exacerbation.And if this is complemented by abundant and wrong dinner, you can meet up with pain, heartburn, lethargy and sick leaves.

Preventing exacerbations is the same action as in peptic ulcer disease, - the right and split meals, rest and recreation.


spring when changing temperatures the virus is activated and literally attack the weakened body during the winter.Due to the deficiency of vitamins and reducing immunity colds are more common and more severe, developing epidemic of SARS and influenza.

There are a runny nose, cough and fever, for several days laydown man in bed.Knowing about such outbreaks, in advance should drink a course of vitamins and engaged in strengthening immunity as medication, and through hardening.

tonsillitis and sinusitis

Against the background of the spring colds can cause problems and more serious - it's the aggravation of diseases such as sinusitis or tonsillitis.These states are developing against the background of the common cold or flu in the propagation of the infection in the tonsils, or sinuses.

This nasal congestion becomes terrible headaches and fever, ulcers on the tonsils and the impossibility of eating.Treat it will need to have with antibiotics and even surgery - punctures sinuses or tonsils washes.

But to avoid such complications and exacerbations, is necessary even in the winter in advance to visit an ENT doctor and consult him about the ways and methods of prevention of such conditions.Most likely, you will be assigned immunotherapy, vitamins and washing solutions of the nasal cavity and throat.


It is a process which affects the body's connective tissue and causes it to decay undulating inflammation and exacerbation periods.Its main cause is the presence of frequent sore throats or tonsillitis.

Because of this, there is a disturbance in the immune system, and aggression against its own tissues.Rheumatic fever affects the joints, kidneys, heart valves, snatching them severe disorders.

In periods of reduced immunity can occur with the progression of the disease exacerbation.The basis of prevention - maintaining immunity and receive an anti-drugs.

cystitis and pyelonephritis in women

spring frequent exacerbations such unpleasant diseases such as cystitis, with pain in the pubic area, painful and frequent urination, feeling of sand in the urethra and impaired general condition.

By reducing the aggravation of immunity arise due to the penetration of a genital infection in the bladder or even higher.Then he joins another and pyelonephritis.Often women themselves provoke the exacerbation of wearing shoes out of season and a short skirt, which leads to inflammation and hypothermia provocation.

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