The birth after cesarean

The birth after cesarean
Is it worth trying to give birth to yourself, if previous deliveries have finished.Can there be a natural birth after cesarean.

Due to the significant increase in the frequency of cesarean delivery and expansion of indications lot of women appeared to him that want to survive the independent birth after cesarean.

reasons for the first cesarean section removed - you can bear!

And here the main question in the testimony of the first cesarean section.Planned operations are usually carried out on absolute grounds, there are reasons that prevent giving birth alone, not going anywhere for the next pregnancy.

exception is evidence from the fetus, such as developmental defects, healthy mothers.

reasons for emergency cesarean may be very different - a clinically narrow pelvis, persistent weakness of labor, acute fetal hypoxia, placental abruption.

All these clinical situations requiring immediate intervention of doctors.In order to save the child's life and the preservation of the health of mother and new

born need to rodorazreshit woman as soon as possible.E

kstrennyh rodorazreshayuschih operations, there are several, each of which has its own testimony, but the most gentle is always a cesarean section for the child.That is why it has received such wide circulation in most countries.

Psychological aspects of cesarean

But there is an emergency Caesarean section is very big disadvantage: the majority of patients who were operated on urgently wanted to give birth to themselves.Psychologists even have a concept: "failed to give birth to the dream of a woman."

And from women can often hear offended: "I could give birth to itself, only physicians were reluctant to mess with me."Unfortunately, in some cases this is true ... For good reason said one of the great obstetrician:. "The easiest way to teach young doctor to do a caesarean section than take delivery"So it increases the percentage of Caesarean sections in the country and the number of women with a uterine scar.

scar on the uterus: the more dangerous it

And what is the difference between the uterus with scar from the non-operated uterus?This is a very complex and controversial issue.The fact that all wound healing in humans is different.

total only principle - to the site of injury that never formed tissue that has been damaged, always formed a scar.But what will be the scar - it depends on your features connective tissue.Someone is rough, inextensible, and someone on the other hand elastic.This depends on the amount of collagen and elastin and collagen from type.

birth after cesarean delivery: risk assessment methods

Rate scar on the uterus before delivery can only be about - that is, his appearance.For this purpose methods such as ultrasound and MRI.

Despite the high cost of such a study, the results tend to justify themselves.MRI allows the smallest details see the scar and understand whether there are irregularities and areas of thinning, which can rupture during pregnancy.And the US, more precisely ultrasonic Doppler to evaluate blood flow at the site of the scar and the thickness nekrovosnabzhaemoy area, which also will not stretch along with the uterine muscle.

course, to evaluate the rumen thus can only be approximate.This functional assessment is only possible during pregnancy.And I must admit that despite all the efforts of doctors, uterine rupture at the scar happen often.

and help the woman in this case can only be in a well-equipped hospital.After all, the scar-collapsed - a threat not only to the child's life, unfortunately, in most of these cases of fetal salvation we are not talking, the main task is to rescue the woman.And not always in such a uterine rupture is possible to save the organ itself, in some cases, scar inconsistency ends hysterectomy.

birth after caesarean: worth the risk

And yet, despite all the exhortations of doctors, some women stubbornly insist that they want to give birth with a uterine scar.It is worth noting that in some cases this desire fulfilled - independent birth after caesarean possible.

But unfortunately, since no one can predict how to behave in a scar, even well endured pregnancy, during labor, some of these births still end up re-caesarean section.

birth after cesarean: particular reference

It should be noted that the very birth after caesarean section have a number of features.So, first they had no analgesic epidural analgesia and trying as antispasmodics may be less likely to use, so as not to miss the beginning of symptoms of uterine rupture.

Second, the development of the weakness of labor, is contraindicated the use of drugs that increase uterine contractions, so the diagnosis of uterine inertia, is an absolute indication to repeated cesarean section.

And third, by the end of the delivery, even if everything went smoothly, necessarily produced a manual examination of the uterus wall.If, however, found a gap in the field of scar postpartum women undergo surgery for the repair of the ruptured uterine scar, which is characterized by caesarean section only by the fact that the child in the womb will be gone.

All this does not mean that I want to discourage someone from trying to birth after cesarean with a uterine scar.Just venturing on such a responsible step, a woman must know exactly what it is.And be fully aware of the possible consequences in its decision.

most important thing in any case do not get hung up on this desire to give birth to themselves.Always remember two things: first, it will only attempt to birth, do not despair, if it will not end as you want.And \

secondly, it's still your child, and it will be not worse, if it is taken during a cesarean section, the main thing that was healthy, and the rest does not matter!

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