Stretch marks on the abdomen after childbirth : is it possible to get rid of them

how to remove stretch marks on the abdomen
Stretch marks on the abdomen after birth - is not aesthetic spectacle.But every woman at any age and in any situation I want to look perfect.And it is quite possible to achieve.

most important thing in the fight against stretch marks on the abdomen after birth - is not to surrender their positions.Their complete disappearance can be guaranteed a constant thrust action that is subject to virtually every woman, for which appearance is not in last place.

reasons for the appearance of stretch marks

Streamers - a usual stretching of the skin, which consists mainly of deep and superficial layers.The deep layer of the skin is responsible for the elasticity, which has its limits.Stretch marks are clear lines of discontinuity of this deep layer.Appear can stretch on the abdomen after delivery and before them, their occurrence is accompanied by a large number of factors:

  • fruit size;
  • genetically implicit elasticity of the skin;
  • insufficient amount of micronutrients;
  • skin irritation, etc.

All of these factors may be present both in the aggregate and individually.Also, the reason the appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen after childbirth is the hormonal changes during pregnancy, which is why in some places, the skin becomes very thin.In fact, stretch marks look like scars, but only subcutaneous.The most vulnerable places are the abdomen, breasts, buttocks and thighs.But it does not need to panic, because stretch marks are absolutely harmless to health.

possible to avoid stretch marks on the abdomen after pregnancy

To avoid stretch marks on the abdomen after childbirth, you can use a variety of special cosmetics.Increase the elasticity of the skin as possible, using the creams, which include vitamins A, E, C, elastin and collagen.But it should also take into account the genetic predisposition to the appearance of stretch marks on his stomach after the birth of your baby.If they were your mother and grandmother, then there is a high probability that there will be you.

Peeling Stretch

To remove stretch marks after giving birth, you can do the peeling, which provides a layer of skin exfoliation.And this, in turn, accelerates the development of elastin and collagen.During the peeling the skin is under stress, resulting in accelerated production of biologically more active substances.The deeper peels carried out, the greater the stress test your skin, which means that it will happen even faster update.

Stretch marks on the abdomen after birth - this is what is necessary to reflect long before the completion of the pregnancy.It is much easier to carry out preventive measures than deal with the consequences.And even if the stretch - a hereditary manifestation of your body, and in this case, prevention is not completely useless as simplify the process of struggle with stretch marks after giving birth.

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