12 August

Habits and skills: what it is and why they are needed

habits and skills
habits and skills are important to our lives, but they can go to the detriment of not only our bodies, but also affect the others.

It should understand what is the habits and what skills and what is the difference between them.Habit - is our need to perform a certain action, which is stimulated in the semi-conscious level, and there is no effort.Skill is formed by the conscious exercise, which subsequently allows us to expertly perform different actions.

remember the old folk saying: "Sow an act - sow a habit, reap a habit - reap a character, sow character - reap a destiny", we can conclude that no matter how important or have skills in our lives, not always the fact of their presence ensures the achievementpositive result.And observations show - those who have the necessary skill and know what to do it is necessary and important, is not always followed by its implementation.

go far for an example is not necessary.Everyone knows about the benefits of morning exercise, and even all of the simplest ex

ercises.However, few people today actually performs the morning workout.It is therefore important to work out the necessary skill and ability as often as possible.

Can habits and skills to improve our lives?

habit as opposed to skills, is a way of human behavior, which becomes in a certain situation unconscious need.For example, the habit of always washing hands after using the toilet or before eating, do exercises in the morning and check off whether all electrical appliances before leaving the house.And if a person for some reason can not do so, as I used to, there is a feeling of dissatisfaction and even anger.

habits and skills are important for all areas of our lives and activities.The habit can also become a hallmark of the character, such as a habit to talk quietly, quickly walk, chew gum, etc.

newfound skills allow us to take actions easily, virtually error-free and very fast unlike habits.The latter allows you to perform the action itself, and in addition, provides the very fact of its implementation.As well as the ability, patterns of behavior may relate to partially automatic actions or semiconscious.buying habits, as a rule, begins with the development of certain skills, and then when the skills it develops into a habit for the same or similar conditions.

habits and skills.How to use them

Certain skills and established habits contribute to quality work, but not everyone knows how to create them.You can use the following guidelines:

  • if the initial skills to use only from time to time, the habit is not formed;
  • habits are strong enough and make a person act in a certain way in all circumstances of life;
  • habit forming character, for example, brings up a habit to clean neat and tidy.

Because our lives are very much starts with habits from the start need to learn to properly perform the action and create the right basic skills, thereby consolidating the acquired skills.

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