Bad habits - why they are not compatible with a healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyle, bad habits
Many people want to maintain their health, longer staying young, strong, beautiful and attractive, but do not know how to do it.In fact, happiness formula is well known: it is necessary to eliminate bad habits and a healthy lifestyle.

long and full life - long and laborious work, work on yourself, to overcome the many temptations.In order to remain attractive to young for a long time, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle and to completely eradicate bad habits, because they are often the factors that detract from the intended course.The main health conditions are:

  1. Normal weight.
  2. Proper nutrition.
  3. constant exercise.

Add to this list the lack of bad habits - and get a perfect formula for a full life.The list of bad habits, too, is well known.Harmful effects on the body of alcohol, smoking and drug use.

Healthy lifestyle and bad habits

Eat right, watch your weight, and to actively engage in sports is not enough to maintain their health and adopt a healthy lifestyle, bad habits can negate any eff

ort.For example, those who regularly consume alcohol, not only harms the body, but also inhibits their psyche, causing a stable characteristic complications.Such a person becomes inadequate, it is deteriorating memory, attention and reaction.Man becomes weak in all respects.

Unlike alcohol, nicotine has a direct impact on physical health.Smoking causes oxygen starvation, which stimulates the development of disorders of the cardiovascular system, and this is the first step towards disability.He suffers all: hair, nails, teeth, skin color changes, there is shortness of breath, which not only impairs the health, but also reduces the life.

about the dangers of drug addiction also says a lot: the impact of this addiction extends not only to the addict, but also the lifestyle of healthy people around him.To please you healthy lifestyle, bad habits listed above, should be excluded from the life of the space around you.

Our life is changing very rapidly, temptation becomes greater.Very vulnerable to a healthy lifestyle, bad habits, the amount of which is increased, do not allow the dependent person to live a full life.Gambling, Internet addiction, addiction to TV, loop at work, obsessive desire to be slim - all significantly degrades the quality of human life and provoking him to weakness.To live fully, without destroying the life of dependency, can each, but must strive to do everything.

Remember, happiness formula is well known: you have to give up bad habits and an active lifestyle.

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