The force of habit : it is good or bad

Force of habit
human body - a complex machine that is the principle of action until the end and has not been studied.For example, much of the life of each of us depends on the habit - our second "I".So what is the force of habit, what is this mechanism that manages to control human behavior?The answer to these questions is difficult, but we can try to analyze the motivation of many actions.

Official medicine treats the habit as the current model of behavior, which a person adheres to whenever getting into different situations.It has a psychological and physiological aspects of formation.That is, a person subconsciously remembers that by reducing or increasing the frequency of the response to existing stimuli, it can create a certain comfortable feeling that helps him to carry special psychological burden.

Scientists have found that as a physiological explanation.They proved that some behavioral factors cause the formation of special stable nerve connections formed in the brain structures.They also provide for the i

mplementation of the usual human way of behavior and response to external stimuli.So, force of habit - a mechanism of emotional reaction, a psychological instinct, capable of forming the necessary skills.

Force of habit - a possible classification

From childhood we create certain stereotypes, habits, manners, the strength of which can affect even the fate.Habits form our character, many scientists compared the power of stereotypes formed with monolithic brick wall, consisting of different elements.If it does not rot and crumble fragments of the wall will stand forever.It is worth it to lose a certain number of bricks - it will collapse, leaving a cloud of dust, which can not even remember.Force of habit consists of different manners:

  • social;
  • household;
  • individual;
  • professional;
  • physical;
  • emotional;
  • behavior.

human nature to go with the flow, so not many people dare to venture and to change their habits that prevent live openly, efficiently and fully.

Force of habit: change or not

Almost all our manners are divided into good and bad.The social value of the individual is determined by the percentage of positive and negative habits.It is clear that to buy a good habit is much more complicated than bad, so not many people dare something radically change in yourself.There are at night, biting his nails, pick your nose, remember to brush your teeth at night - all this stuff, but if a lot of negative habits, it is necessary to reject them.How to do it?

  1. necessary to see the problem.
  2. Eliminate the main force of habit, to stop idle.
  3. Make yourself to work in the opposite direction.

Remember that the power of negative habitual actions prevent us to live fully, so deal with it should be ruthlessly focused and integrated.

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