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Burmilla Shorthair : smart and headstrong

Burmilla Shorthair : smart and headstrong
Loves chasing ribbons and play with the owner.All Breed Burmilla Shorthair.

Burmilla Shorthair breed is considered to be relatively young.Its first representative appeared in 1981.

Burmilla Shorthair Breed Story

Breeders of British nurseries noticed unusual offspring: they are interested in the kittens from the Burmese and Persian breeds.Realizing their potential, they decided to do further breeding.Animals were presented in the same year at one of the exhibitions.But for the recognition of the world-famous cat breed organizations needed more directed breeding years.In 1989, short-haired Burmilla was recognized organization GCCF, and in 1994 - and FIFe.They have developed the breed standard.It is said that the Burmilla is not recognized by the WCF - the largest organization in the field.

Most nurseries engaged in breeding of this breed, located in the UK and the US.In these countries also recorded the highest number of representatives of the breed.

Despite the short history, the Burmilla has a

relatively large number of clubs, located throughout the world, and is the winner of the large number of competitions and exhibitions.This contributes to its widespread deployment.


This breed has a medium size.Weight ranges from 4 to 7 kg.Gender segregation is virtually absent, ie the cat is almost the same size as the cats.

body tight and muscular.The very different animal strength and endurance.Hind legs slightly longer than the front.It is said that this is a characteristic feature of all the cats, who are of Asian origin.The tail is of medium length and tapers to an end.

head has average size and a tapered snout.The nose is small, and when viewed from the side, it gives the impression that he was a little upturned.Eyes wide set, large size.The standard defines several colors, amber is considered the most optimal and all its shades.

coat is short, there is practically no undercoat.Pronounced tipping, and its absence can lead to the disqualification of the breed.Coat color can vary widely within the different shades of silver.


This breed is characterized by considerable intelligence.It is able to remember the names of a large number of different items and easily trained.Perfectly understand the boundaries of what is permitted and can often show the character and approach very close to them.Easy accustomed to the toilet.

his intonation meow can express emotions.Perfectly understand its impact on people and likes to use it.Burmilla clever, intelligent and headstrong.Despite all this, it is very attached to his master and he will be a reliable and loyal friend.

Offers greater sociability.He likes to be in the company of people.The family usually does not allocate someone one.

At a young age Burmilla is very energetic and never at the same place.They are constantly finding something to do.Gradually become less active and prefer peace and tranquility.


breed cats of this breed does not need special care.They can cope with bringing his coat in order.But during the molt is necessary to conduct daily combing.It is desirable that they be carried out in the morning and evening.This will avoid the appearance of fur all over the house.

Burmilla useful walking outdoors.This is especially true of young animals.They will improve the health and well-being of the animal.

Diseases and breed health

Burmilla have good health and good immunity.

But you should pay special attention to oral hygiene.If you do not care for your teeth, it can form plaque and stone.Especially undesirable developments considered the occurrence of gingivitis.It is an inflammation of the gums, which leads to suppuration and tooth loss.If left untreated, the overall immunity and health cat will decrease significantly.As a precaution, you can use special toothbrushes for animals or procedure at the vet.

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