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Turkish Van Kedis : cat with unique character

Turkish Van Kedis : cat with unique character
willful animal, which would be the best friend.All Breed Turkish vankedici.

The breed first appeared in the Anatolian region of Turkey.It is believed that they were brought by merchants and diplomats from the countries of North Africa.Gradually, they have a characteristic white color of Turkey.They were popular not only among the nobility, but also among ordinary people as well cope with the task of catching rats and mice.

Turkish vankedici Breed Story

the beginning of XVII century, several animals were transported to Western Europe, where they are immediately noticed.It was quite a rare species having different colored eyes.Due to lack of fresh genes and the small number of representatives of the breed Turkish vankedisi was on the verge of extinction.When crossed with European cat breed takes over from this breed too little.

Turkey has observed similar processes, and the breed was doomed to extinction if not for government regulation, expected to increase the population in vitro.rock revival of

the place became a zoo in Ankara.

Now Turkish vankedisi not very common, but it can be seen regularly in various exhibitions and shows around the world.He is bred in large numbers kennels and breeders are still trying to correct some of the shortcomings of the breed, the most significant of which is considered a congenital deafness animals with different eyes.


Turkish vankedisi has a large size.Adult animal can reach a weight of 4-5 kg.The body is somewhat elongated, but the basic proportions are maintained.breed representatives have considerable strength and endurance, as occurred naturally.

Limbs of medium length, seem to be more because of thick wool.The tail is long and muscular, covered with very long and fluffy fur, which, by its color is different from the rest.Not allowed to have the entire length of breaks, which are considered a sign of impurity of other breeds.

head has medium size.Features multiple faces are rounded and relaxed.But this does not prevent them well enough to stand out.Slanting eyes, are closer to the edges of the faces are large.There are blue and yellow.Sometimes kittens are born with a unique recessive gene: they are a different color eyes.

Wool is thick and long, almost no undercoat, which allows the animal to dry very quickly.Color 80% white and 20% brown.


Character Turkish vankedisi unique.Pet differs incredible desire to do things his own way.

The owner will have to live with the fact that the animal will choose a place where to sleep and eat.To go against the will of the cat is meaningless.

She loves affection and kind words, loves to lay on someone's lap and be present next to all.Vankedisi suspicious of strangers, but very quickly takes them into the circle of his friends, after the third meeting resolves to stroke himself.

breed representatives love to walk in the fresh air.They allow the owner put on a leash and do not try to escape from there.

Care breed

Turkish vankedisi has long hair, behind which requires constant care.If an animal is involved in exhibitions and competitions, it requires a whole range of daily procedures.

These cats are not afraid of water, so you can bathe them under a thin stream from the faucet.The inner side of the ears do not need watering, just wipe with a damp cloth.It is worth remembering that the water temperature should be between 38 to 40 degrees.

Turkish vankedisi - a healthy animal with a high immunity.It rarely gets sick, his life expectancy is 15-20 years.

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