Prostate cancer : a disease with major consequences for the state

economic burden of prostate cancer in Russia amounted to 3.7 bln. Rubles per year.These and other important data are the result of pharmacoeconomic studies conducted by the Research Institute of clinical and economic expertise and pharmacoeconomics Rnrmu them.Pirogov.

Prostate cancer (PCa) - one of the most frequently diagnosed cancer in the male population of Russia.

For ten years there has been an increased incidence of and mortality from this disease.Thus, prostate cancer is the third largest (11% of the total) in the structure of primary malignant neoplasms.In the period from 2000 to 2010.marked by a high rate of growth in the incidence of prostate cancer - an average of 9.83% per year.According to the data of 2010, marked a continuation of the upward trend in mortality from prostate cancer - compared to 2009, mortality from prostate cancer increased by 2.1%.

These studies social and economic burden of prostate cancer suggests that the overall cost of treatment for all patients with this disease

amount to 3,674,032,748 rubles.The average cost per patient per year are at 33 270 rubles.

Thus the bulk of the cost falls on patients with initially diagnosed, and treatment costs of patients in the later stages of the disease - 6 times lower.This suggests that in order to increase efficacy and reduce mortality from prostate cancer is necessary to treat patients at all stages of the disease, which will increase the duration of their life as a whole.

Despite the fact that the disease occurs mainly in older men, after diagnosis, the high level of morbidity and mortality leads to a decrease in the contribution of the economically active population in the GDP, since, according to statistics, in Russia on average 34.4% of people continue to workafter reaching retirement age.

When considering prostate cancer in terms of the economic burden for the state, is also worth noting that until recently there was no standard approaches to the treatment of patients with advanced form of the disease, can significantly increase survival and improve the quality of life of patients.

biologiimetastaticheskogo Recent studies hormone-refractory prostate cancer led to the development of innovative effective drugs proven to cope with this task.Such formulations have been registered in Russia in 2011 - 2012 years, and is already used in patients with disease progression during or after chemotherapy.

terms of pharmaco-economic analysis, the cost of such treatment is comparable to the cost of the state on the other targeted cancer drugs.The use of new drugs for the treatment of prostate cancer in clinical practice will reduce mortality rates, as happened in the recent past with hematological malignancies, lung cancer and breast cancer.

¬ęPharmacoeconomic analysis showed that the cost of the patient's life-year saved by using newly registered in Russia today, drugs are comparable to the cost of medicines already included in the list of VED.What allows us to speak about the acceptability of the use of such therapy for the Russian health care system ", - commented Elena Derkach , Senior Researcher, Laboratory of Clinical and economic analysis of the Research Institute of clinical and economic expertise and pharmacoeconomics SMU.

Prostate cancer: what is it

This malignancy occurring in men mostly middle-aged and elderly.In the development of the disease play an important role of androgens - male sex hormones that can promote tumor growth.

main factors for prostate cancer risk are age, family history and ethnicity.There is also the risk factors may include eating habits, but the data for today do not have accurate confirmation.

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