How to set the internal clock

How to set the internal clock
Normally our internal clock is set not on the 24-hour cycle of life, and for a longer period.That's why we can wake if we go to a later time or does not start the alarm.But we are forced to adapt to the 24-hour shifts day and night cycle, set by nature.

«People need to see the light, to adjust its internal clock at the daily day and night - commented Professor Portland Institute sleep disorders Alfred Levy.- The blind can not see the light, but if their internal clock to deceive by telling them to sleep during the day and stay awake at night, they will suffer from insomnia and daytime sleepiness. "

In the United States of nearly 2 million blind insomnia affects about 200 thousand. Man, similar statistics is observed in Russia.Dr. Levy has conducted a study on blind 7 patients with sleep disorders, which in a few weeks, or placebo was administered melatonin an hour before bedtime.Neither the patients nor the medical staff did not know, who are given the drug, and to whom - a pacifier.

internal clock and melatonin

in all patients during the cycle of the day more than 24 hours in an average of 60 minutes.The result of the treatment was the normalization of the sleep-wake cycle in all who took melatonin.Half of them continued to take the drug for three months, as a result there was steady improvement in sleep, although the dose of melatonin was significantly reduced.

«Even a small dose of the drug is capable of stabilizing the result achieved by the prior treatment - says Professor James Zhang, who was not involved in the conduct of clinical trials.- This research is of great importance for the blind patients suffering from severe chronic sleep disorders. "

Violation formation of melatonin in blind patients due to the lack of sunlight flow required to produce this hormone.Similar problems occur in people who work in night shifts, living in northern cities and almost all in the winter.Very often these patients to correct the internal clock administered melatonin tablets, but currently not elucidated side effects of this medication.This study also showed the effectiveness of treatment with melatonin, even in small doses, which may reduce the risk of possible complications.

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