Spring allergy is not a sentence

Spring allergy is not a sentence
Seasonal allergies hurts nearly every fourth person.However, there are ways to cope with this disease.

pollen allergy, hay fever, spring catarrh, pollen asthma, seasonal rhinitis and conjunctivitis - all names for the same disease caused by pollen.

Actually allergic hypersensitivity is called the body's immune system and its inadequate response in which the immune response is generated to substances that do not pose threats to the body.Hay fever - a special case of allergic reactions.

Hay fever - one of the most common diseases, which affects regardless of gender and age.

number of patients with hay fever varies between countries, such as Europe and North America, this figure may reach 24%, ie almost a quarter of the population is exposed to seasonal allergic reaction -.. Hay fever while it is almost there the indigenous population of Japan, Mongolia, SouthAmerica and South Africa, which is explained by racial characteristics.In addition, hay fever - a disease with genetic predisposition.

Causes Spring Allergies

most serious trigger spring pollen allergy is a wind-pollinated plants - tiny grains released into the air by trees, grasses and weeds for the fertilization of other plants.From pollen of various plants were allocated from 3 to 15 different allergens.Pollen can penetrate through the epithelium of the nasal mucosa and into the bloodstream.

The first contact with pollen antigen in the blood produced by specific antibodies, which by gluing with an antigen, deduce it from the body.

reintroduction of pollen allergy causes the body's immune system mistakenly recognize as being foreign pollen and produce antibodies that, in turn, attack the allergens that lead to the production of substances by the body, called histamine.

why allergic disease in acute hearing a doctor's advice to take intigistaminnye drugs.It histamines cause rhinorrhea (discharge from the nose), conjunctivitis (redness and itching of the eye) and other allergy symptoms.

wind- blown pollen can spread over many kilometers, and the more it is, the more people will experience the joys of hay fever.The amount is determined by the amount of pollen allergens per cubic meter of air.

severity of allergic reactions is generally higher in a dry windy, rainy days, in contrast, the amount of pollen in the air is reduced, because the rain washes allergens.

symptoms of spring allergies

hay fever symptoms usually include:

  • rhinorrhea (discharge from the nose);
  • watery eyes;
  • sneezing;
  • cough;
  • itchy eyes and nose;
  • dark circles under the eyes.Inhaled

that is propagating through the air, allergens such as dust, conditionally pathogenic microorganisms and fungi (molds), may also cause allergic asthma, and hindering breath causing coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

As spring allergy diagnosed

If you've never diagnosed with "hay fever", but you will notice that each spring your eyes and nose causing you discomfort - "itch and flow", refer to the allergist.

Confirm the diagnosis of "hay fever" allows conducting skin tests (injection of a tiny sample dissolved allergen under the skin of the hand) or a blood test (detects levels of antibodies to a specific allergen).

As a rule, during the hay fever worsening in the patient's blood can detect a large number of eosinophils and lymphocytes (types of white blood cells specific), the number of which always increases in allergic reactions.Skin tests during an exacerbation are not carried out.

However, just because your test revealed sensitivity to specific allergens, does not mean that you will definitely start to sneeze and cough on contact with this substance.

What is the treatment for spring allergies

Today hay fever is treated by many OTC drugs, which are usually effective for most allergy sufferers.These include antihistamines, decongestants (drops, sprays).

Despite the fact that these drugs can be purchased without a prescription, it is best to consult with a specialist before self-medicate.Drug safety does not happen, so make sure you choose the right treatment: some medicines adversely affect the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, drying and making them more susceptible to infections.However, all these means only suppress the symptoms of the disease, but do not affect the cause of the disease.

most effective way to get rid of hay fever - to force the immune system to ignore the pollen that enters the body.In other words, therapy should be directed to the mechanisms of regulation of the immune system.

example, specific hyposensitization (state of reduced sensitivity to the allergen as well as a set of measures aimed at reducing this sensitivity) is based on the introduction of a patient of allergen that caused the disease in gradually increasing doses, which leads to a decrease in sensitivity to a given allergen.

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How to cope with spring allergies

is almost impossible to completely avoid spring allergies, if you live in an area where the wind-pollinated plants are growing.Although there is no universal treatment for hay fever, there are ways to deal with them - from treatment to domestic habits.You can reduce the symptoms of hay fever, avoiding the major triggers of allergies, for example:

  • remain indoors whenever the level of pollen in the air is highest (usually reaches a maximum in the mornings and in windy dry);
  • keep doors and windows closed to prevent the penetration of allergens into the room;
  • as often as possible to carry out wet cleaning in the house;
  • wash my hair after returning home from the street, because pollen can settle on the hair;
  • wear a mask during the harvest, because the vacuum cleaner can lift the pollen and dust deposited on your carpet.

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