Acute intestinal infections : prevention

Acute intestinal infections : prevention
main principles of prevention of acute intestinal infections in summer.

For the purpose of effective prevention of acute intestinal infectious diseases in addition to the recommendations, compliance with which can reduce the risk of disease, it is necessary to pay special attention to personal prevention measures, strengthen disinfection mode.

Acute intestinal infections: the rules

prevention in the home must be treated with disinfectants countertops in the kitchen - a table, cutting boards, tools.This should be done before and after cooking.Knives, forks, spoons, dishes should be washed with detergent, rinse thoroughly with water, after washing - parboiled.

funds should be used to kill flies, seeking their complete absence.

If the menu is supposed salad of fresh vegetables, cook it should be the last of the dishes, salad residues in any case not to leave, even if you plan to store it in the refrigerator.Fresh fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly with clean running water for at least

5 minutes.

not recommended to buy fresh fruits and vegetables in places unauthorized trade and hands.

cleaning toilets, a bathroom should be carried out daily, using disinfectants.After using the toilet, before preparing food, before eating, wash your hands with soap and water.After that, we recommend hand wipe with a damp cloth or disinfectant to treat hand sanitizer.You should handle hands before eating in the dining room, cafe, restaurant.

If you take food to work and in your menu, eat vegetables, it is better if they are in physical form, they should be thoroughly washed before eating, even if they have been washed earlier.

On a trip on vacation, on a business trip and do outside of the home is also advisable to carry a hand sanitizer - in the form of wet wipes or liquid detergent in a convenient package.Use the tool before each meal, even if it's ice cream or baked goods from a stall.Use this tool every time back home, accustomed to the children.When selecting disinfectants should carefully read the instructions and strictly follow the instructions for use.Each disinfectant has a range of applications, its indications and limitations that should be kept in mind when choosing a product.

If the house was hospitalized patient intestinal infectious disease, it is necessary to conduct disinfection in all areas of the apartment (house).Linen boiled or washed in a washing machine at maximum temperature.Dishes, personal use items thoroughly cleaned with detergent, after washing - parboiled.Perform wet cleaning a toilet, a bathroom with a mandatory application of the disinfectant.

For disinfection you should use agents permitted for use in public life.It is advisable to use preparations based on quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC), and chlorine.

At indisposition first signs (temperature, change in stool, nausea, vomiting, weakness, sweating) should seek medical advice immediately.This is especially true for those who have not earlier than 10 days before the onset of symptoms was in the European Union or have been in contact with persons returning from these countries.

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