The placebo effect is headache

Many patients suffering from migraine and tension pain, feel a marked improvement after taking the dummy pills.

placebo effect is called improving the patient's well-being when he takes the dummy pill, does not really have medicinal properties.And it happens because a person believes in the effectiveness of the pill is not aware of their futility.

Faith patients

positive effect of placebo in the treatment of headaches proven in more than a hundred studies.One of the largest conducted Erasmus University scientists in the Netherlands.In their experiments, which were carried out for several years, just over a third (36%) of study participants after taking the dummy pills reported an easing of the headache.

placebo effect was observed significantly more frequently in studies where the dummy tablets replace these drugs than in those where instead of medications tried lifestyle changes and other methods.Almost 40% of patients treated with tablets without active ingredient mentioned state improvement i

n contrast of 15% of the participants who tried to combat drug-free means a headache.

Since the drugs used for the treatment of migraine and other recurring headaches, can have side effects, many patients try to get rid of headaches without the aid of drugs, says study co-author Bart B. Coesite, PhD, professor of general practice."The expectations of the patient, according to the effectiveness, have much in common with the results", - says the SSES.

placebo effect against migraine

At least nine out of ten patients experiencing occasional or frequent headaches, used for the treatment and prophylaxis of migraine medication and various alternative methods, even change their habits.Headaches associated with an increase or decrease in blood pressure (accounting for about 90% of all headaches), can affect the neck, upper back or other muscle groups.While migraine manifested throbbing pain in one side of the head, often cause nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light or sound.

placebo effect works on such patients.In the experiment, which was attended by more than 7 thousand. Patients of different ages, the positive effect of pills dummy was most pronounced is in children and adolescents.Thus, almost half (45%) children became better after placebo drug, compared to 36% of the adult population.

placebo effect was more pronounced as it is in patients who complained of migraine - almost 41%.But the participants in the experiment, a headache which has been associated with blood pressure, a dummy treatment helped only in 34% of cases.

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