Statins for lowering cholesterol

Statins for lowering cholesterol
Millions of people with high cholesterol blood obtained by a doctor's prescription for the purchase of statins.These drugs block the liver enzyme that promotes the formation of cholesterol.Statins work wonders, giving a reduction in cholesterol levels by 20-60%.

Statins have become the most popular drugs in many countries."They are very effective in reducing cholesterol levels, and hence to reduce the likelihood of heart attack," - says Steven Nissen, head of the department of cardiology at the Cleveland Clinic.

Statins and their role in reducing cholesterol

important role in the popularity of statins play a relatively small number of side effects.Even serious muscle pain, numbness and memory problems that have been observed in 5-10% of patients stopped for a few days or weeks after discontinuation of the drug.

However, statins are not a guarantee of a heart attack."If you believe that statins will protect you completely, you are absolutely right, - says Arthur Agatston, MD, a cardiologist.- Reduc

ing cholesterol levels does not preclude the development of cardiovascular disease. "

There are a number of other factors that affect the health of the cardiovascular system - from genetics to lifestyle.Statins can only provide added insurance of a heart attack.Some take these drugs, having normal levels of cholesterol in the presence of other risk factors for cardiovascular disease.However, a recently published study, which was attended by over 2 thousand. Middle-aged people with normal cholesterol, showed that statins had a positive impact only on those who had a high level of calcium deposits in blood vessels.

study was relatively, because basically it involved men.The researchers analyzed data from 6.8 thousand. Women and found that their incidence of cardiovascular disease decreased by 46% against 42% for men.

Additional tests - a test to determine the level of calcium, carotid ultrasound, genetic tests, as well as advanced blood tests that show the size of the cholesterol molecules - show who is really worth taking a statin, and who does not.

Dr. Antonucci treating patients having blood high LDL (low density lipoproteins) and large molecules of cholesterol, statins, while patients with elevated triglycerides, low HDL (high density lipoproteins) and molecules of small dimensions cholesterol assigned fenofibrate.Dr. Agatston believed that most patients at risk for cardiovascular disease have to use statins in combination with other drugs, such as nicotinic acid, which significantly reduces the risk of heart attack.

If you feel that your cardiologist does not want or can not use individual approach to your problem, you should look for another doctor.And no matter which doctor you get, do not assume that drugs will replace a healthy lifestyle, diet, regular exercise, weight control, diabetes, and smoking cessation.

«Statins are not a miracle cure, - says Dr. Agatston.- Doctors and patients who think otherwise are mistaken. "

You are at risk if ...

  • you smoke, fatty foods overload the body, you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or a family history of cardiovascular disease.
  • You have psoriasis.This chronic skin disease causes inflammation in the body and increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases almost as well as smoking.
  • sleep 5 hours or less increases the risk even in healthy people (according to some sources - almost twice).
  • Pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure and protein in the urine) doubles the risk of heart attack in the future and the development of gestational diabetes increases this risk by 70%.
  • stressful environment at work increases the risk of heart attack and stroke by 40%.This is mainly due to the increase in blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity, which is detrimental impact on the work of the heart.

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