Aching back - scoliosis

When scoliosis back pain often, almost daily.Scoliosis - a curvature of the spine to one side, its apparent deformation.

a result of scoliosis blood circulation, muscle tone, dystrophic process in the vertebrae.Violation of the right fixation of the spine accompanied by compression of the nerve roots, blood vessels or the spinal cord.Man gets tired easily, can not long remain in the same position, especially when sitting.

a result of prolonged overvoltage there is pain in the muscles of the back.Often the rollers are formed from a strained muscle near the altered spine.The feeling of the rollers causes a sharp pain.Often scoliosis occurs in the thoracic spine level, while concerned about the pain in the back between the shoulder blades.

When scoliosis best remedy for back pain - exercise, it is necessary to train the muscles of the back, creating a solid support for the spine - a muscular corset.

complex daily exercise for training the back muscles:

  1. Scoliosis

    To warm up: Lie on your back w

    ith your head on the floor, his hands pull his head.Bend your knees and pull them towards your chest.Return to starting position.Repeat several times.

  2. To stretch the back muscles: lying down, hold hands under the knees and pull your thigh to your chest.At the same time, place the chin between his knees.
  3. for spine flexibility: lying down, touch right foot to the knee of the left leg, this time straighten the right arm over your head on the floor.Push the knee to the floor through the left leg to the left side, helping with his left hand.Head turn in the opposite direction, the right side.
  4. Cat Ridge: kneel and lean your hands on the floor.Arches his back up and down.
  5. Spine Stretch: lying on his back, place the foot of the left leg on the right thigh.Point the left knee outward, away from you, and the right thigh pull his hands to himself.Repeat all on the other foot.
  6. classical exercise: lying down, legs bent, place it on a stand with a height banquette and slowly lift the body to the knees.Hands at your sides.Keep your head elevated.
  7. Exercise for shoulders: lying down, put your left foot on the right knee.Lift your right shoulder toward your left knee.The next move opposite: put the right foot on the left knee and lift your left shoulder toward your right knee.
  1. Exercise in position on the side: Lean your left elbow on the floor and in the position on the side bend your knees back.The right hand rests on his hip, thigh lift up.
  2. Exercises with a roller.Get on your knees and hold the cushion muscles of the abdomen, sit on your heels.Hands weave in the rear lock.Straighten your back, keeping the buttocks on the feet.
  3. Exercises for stomach: lying on his stomach, at the same time tighten the abdominal muscles and buttocks.Outstretched arms lift up slowly while guiding the blade back.Try to stretch your legs.
  4. Exercise relaxing (3 minutes): lying on his back, legs bent and put on the stand trapeze, a head and shoulders, too, put the stand - a triangle.In this, the most comfortable position for the spine, relax and lie down.
  5. final exercise (2 minutes): Sit on a chair or on the edge of the stand - trapeze, free, lower back and shoulders to the knees (breast lie down on his knees divorced).Take a few deep breaths.

recommended duration of exercise - 15 minutes a day.

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