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Although liver disease have become commonplace these days, most people are very roughly, what the liver, however, they are assured of its huge role for our health.

Although liver disease have become commonplace these days, most people are very roughly, what the liver, however, they are assured of its huge role for our health.Many people know that the liver is involved in protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, neutralizes a variety of toxins produced in the body and falling outside, including medications.In fact, this is a serious biochemical laboratory, from the quality of work which we depend for our well-being.

What are the causes of liver disease?

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They can be divided into several categories: 1) viruses, 2) Alcohol, 3) improper diet, with lots of fatty and fried foods, 4) diets, particularlyextreme, accompanied by a sharp decrease in weight, 5) can be identified separately obesity, becauseliver slender man and fat is about the same size, and the loa

d is obtained is different, 6) diabetes, 7) violation of the outflow of bile, 8) circulatory disorders of the liver, such as chronic heart failure, 9), poisons, toxins, such as heavy metals,fungal toxins, medicaments.Unfortunately, the list of damaging factors can be continued, but we have another task: to do everything we can to save your liver or improve its condition.Yes, this is possible, our liver gives us this chance!

consider the basic signs of liver disease in increasing the degree of damage.Firstly, it is unmotivated fatigue, impaired concentration and memory, insomnia.Man wants to go, and that it has not been touched.It is also characteristic feeling of heaviness or a dull pain in his right side.Itself does not hurt the liver, but only if the increased feeling appears.Poor tolerability of fatty foods in the form of diarrhea, constipation, bloating, stool sticky (toilet not washed).By the way, the color of stool becomes lighter until the discoloration and urine, on the contrary, it gets dark.Some appear bitter taste in the mouth.

Further, when weighting the liver disease is an increase in its size and in the spleen and the emergence of "hepatic signs" (red palm, crimson tongue, gynecomastia, spider veins), which while improving the functional state of the liver may disappear!Next manifest swelling of legs and ascites, typical for severe conditions or in the later stages of chronic liver disease, is the sphere of specialists.We just want a meaningful way to their health, knowing more about it.It is important to note that often the initial stages of development of liver disease do not have any symptoms and their diagnosis requires a special survey, and the results of treatment depend on the stage of the disease: the earlier treatment is started, the better the result.Therefore, it is even better to start prophylaxis in the presence of risk factors, without waiting for the development of symptoms, the benefit here everything depends on us.

We will not discuss the importance of giving up alcohol (everyone knows) and the need for physical activity, better focus on the difficulties in such familiar issues of healthy lifestyles and drug prevention.

The most urgent question is the power.To eat or not to eat?Science has proven that is!the only question is, what exactly and in what quantities!Since then, and you need to start: first, to cut portions, and then gradually replace harmful products for utility.Rebuild the power you need to consciously, without violence, because the food we need, not only for survival, but also for pleasure.If you lose weight, you must first eliminate cakes and pastry, often drink (it reduces appetite and helps to quickly remove toxins), add to the diet of fresh salads and light soups.

For patients with liver problems the best diet-№5, on which are excluded becausecontraindicated in liver disease: bacon, pork, beef, mutton fat, fatty meals, liver, brains, meat and canned fish, sausage, meat and fish broth, pastry.Absolutely unacceptable use of chocolate, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, bouillon cubes.Limited to: butter, eggs, efironosnye products (onions, garlic, dill, parsley), salt and salinity.It is recommended to eat: cheese, vegetables, fruit (fresh and juice), excessive drinking (unless contraindicated given person), and allowed to eat wheat bread (yesterday), cereals, pasta, low-fat boiled meat and fish, dairy products, honey, jam, compotes, jellies, jelly, fruit, dried fruits.Diet №5- is our ideal to which we should strive, a landmark in the sea food.

liver iron digestive system, she meets everything that we eat.Therefore, and taking care of it is not possible without dieting.It must be remembered that the "diet" - is not a "rejection of all", and the change in eating habits.Another powerful shield to protect our liver is a group of drugs called Hepatoprotectors, as well as biologically active additives with similar properties (weaker potency).With the help of expert advice at a pharmacy, you can choose a suitable hepatoprotective agent that helps remove intoxication and maintain our long-suffering liver.About medicines on liver diseases and how to treat liver disease - our next material.

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