Diseases of the liver in children

Unfortunately, the liver disease in children is not such a rarity.We used to put the blame on the environment, but let's turn our attention to our way of life and the health of pregnant women.

especially important early diagnosis of liver disease in children, in order to avoid serious consequences in the future.Disturbances of liver function in children and due to this the numerous violations in the body, increasing gradually, which allows you to adjust feeding and ultimately improve the condition of the child liver.

Signs of liver disease in children recognize problematic, especially at an early stage and have babies.In newborns and infants are very few typical symptoms of liver damage, and the available clinical signs are similar to symptoms of other diseases.Even the characteristic feature of icteric color of the skin, is often taken by pediatricians for neonatal jaundice and therefore undervalued.The children of the first year of life are more common violations of stagnation as a result of the imm

aturity of the bile duct and the entire biliary (liver) systems.Infants can be infected with viral hepatitis from parents.Many inherited metabolic disease can be transmitted to children, causing liver disease in young children.So, if a child older than two weeks appeared jaundice, liver disease can be suspected.When stagnation of bile appear slightly colored stools, until complete discoloration.Increased liver detect only a doctor, but the increase in the child's tummy notice any of the parents.Increased stomach sometimes is a sign of severe complications of ascites, which suggests the development of liver failure, which leads to violations of all systems of the body and death.

Methods of treatment of liver disease depend on the cause of children, which causes them.This is the realm of specialists, because the treatment is carried out only after a thorough examination and diagnosis.The task of parents of the child in time to see a doctor.Depending on the diagnosis can be used operative (surgical) or conservative treatment (medication and diet).Treatment should not be started independently, without diagnosis and without a doctor's prescription, because a lot of contraindications when using drugs for the treatment of liver disease in children.Doctors and parents need to remember that every day of delay necessary treatment is fraught with complications in the future life of the child.

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