Biliary reflux gastritis

Please remember that this reflux.It is known that the acidity of gastric juice in the stomach varies, the degree of its body above the stomach (at the bottom, where the food is) and lower in antrum (before exiting the stomach into the intestine), where it is partially neutralized allocated bicarbonates.

This is necessary when passing the food mass in the intestine, wherein the alkaline medium.The coordinated work of the sphincter (valve) and motor provide a consistent and correct the process of digestion.

But for various reasons, this process is disrupted and acidic contents of the stomach into the intestine, causing irritation and inflammation.On the other hand, the intestinal contents can flow back into the stomach.This phenomenon is called reflux, and gastritis, which arose on the background, called reflux gastritis.Depending on the cause of reflux is duodenal or biliary.

Biliary reflux gastritis is associated with disturbances in the biliary system motility disorders (dyskinesia), and sphincter u

nharmonized work.As a result of straying consistency and strength of the pressure inside the bile ducts and intestines, followed by reflex followed by compression failure of pancreatic duct and stomach.

biliary disorders As a result the contents of the duodenum, impregnated pancreatic enzymes and bile into the stomach, and burn it, causing gastritis.Biliary reflux gastritis is often combined with biliary duodenitis (inflammation of the duodenum), which is explained by stimulation of bile is secreted digestive process.

In regulation consistent and synchronous motor activity of biliary (bile duct system) participate nervous and endocrine systems.Successive contraction and relaxation of the gallbladder, stomach and intestines are dependent on the quantity and quality of food, as well as the emotional influences.

reflux gastritis Treatment is aimed at eliminating inflammation, normalize digestive function, to restore motor skills and emotional status.When biliary reflux gastritis main drug is considered Ursosan (Ursofalk), which is administered by 250 mg at bedtime, 1 times a day for 10-14 days (if necessary prolong and repeat the course) and domperidone.Other treatment - symptomatic.

second component of treatment is diet.There are many publications that eat with gastritis.The main thing is that during the exacerbation of the food was light, and semi-cooked.There shall be an aggressive, sharp, coarse food and drinks.You can eat soup over low broth, mashed potatoes, steam burgers or meatballs, low-fat sauces, boiled gruel on the water, boiled eggs, low-fat soft cheese.Outside exacerbation diet expanding, gradually adding fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, milk (if tolerated), and dairy products.

prohibited, and not only during an exacerbation, fried eggs, fried badly, with a crust, the food (burgers, fish, potatoes), white and rye bread.It is forbidden fatty foods.Sometimes patients do not want to judge sensibly and ask whether you can drink with gastritis.Alcohol increases the damage to the patient the gastric mucosa.In addition, it gives the digestive process by entering into a chemical reaction with the enzymes and converting them to inactive, and sometimes harmful substances.A beer with gastritis causes monstrous fermentation followed by dyspepsia.

no small importance are the behavioral recommendations: do not go to bed after eating, avoid heavy meals, do not lift weights, smaller bend down to sleep on the high pillows, avoid stress.

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