Atopic dermatitis in children

Atopic dermatitis (neurodermatitis) - a skin lesion associated with hypersensitivity to food, household, fungal, bacterial, chemical and other allergens.Consider atopic dermatitis in children.

disease usually begins in the first year of life in children with a genetic predisposition, especially those who bottle-fed.Another reason for the development of atopic dermatitis in young children (approximately three months) is the introduction of new products in the food supply, lures.It is recommended to conduct a "food diary" to quickly find the allergen in the case of allergic reactions.

When atopic dermatitis is dominated by immediate type allergic reactions, so it is important to quickly identify and eliminate irritating product.

main symptoms of atopic dermatitis in children manifested by itching and skin rash.Itching in atopic dermatitis is very pronounced, often amplified at night, it interferes with the patient to sleep.Exacerbations triggered by overheating or overcooling, scratching of the skin, r

ough clothing, sweating, or excessive dryness of the skin.The rash often appears on the scalp, neck, and on the extensor surfaces of the arms and legs, sometimes-on the body.At the age of two years if the disease is not passed before puberty it differs persistent course, adding lesions (hands, ankles, ears, face).

treatment of atopic dermatitis in children

treatment of atopic dermatitis in children - a long process and requires patience.It is important to identify the allergen and to exclude it from the child's environment.If the symptoms of the disease pronounced - to conduct drug therapy.The most time-consuming in the treatment is to restore the damaged skin care, and external therapeutic agents.Since the various forms of the disease, lesions are weeping with a result of burst bubbles or dry with exfoliated flakes, it is important to choose the right treatment (for example, you can not apply wet lotions for dry lesions) .Vnutr prescribed in the first place, protivogistaminnye drugs, better - newgenerations (telfast, zirtek, erius), they are more effective and safe.If the itching interferes with sleep, the first time at an exacerbation prescribe hormonal ointments and creams.Such means as advantan and Elokim hardly penetrate into the bloodstream, however hormone action on the body is virtually eliminated.Entrust choice of treatment specialist at the same time talk to them particularly care for a sick child, and especially diet.

diet requires special attention in children with atopic dermatitis.Such a diet implies the absence of the products, can cause aggravation.So, if you are allergic to chicken eggs forbidden food, even with a low content of proteins and egg yolks (muffins, casseroles, salads with mayonnaise, pastries, etc.).At an allergy to milk appointed dairy diet.Excluded from the diet not only milk, but also butter, cheese, ice cream, cakes, pies, cakes, bread, some varieties of candy and chocolate made with milk.Sometimes you can replace milk yogurt, and eggs vsmyatku- eggs.Sometimes, but not always.If you have to completely eliminate these products, it is necessary to find an adequate replacement to diet remained full.So, giving up milk and eggs, turn impute more than meat and fish dishes.Whole milk often causes an allergy than Condensed, concentrated or powdered.Possible allergies to only Penke boiled milk.When cooking vegetables and fruits their allergenic activity is reduced.So, boiled carrots significantly less likely to cause allergies than raw.When allergy to fresh apples can be replaced with their liver or apple compote, and sometimes helps the removal of the rind, in fact it often allergens.

course, impossible to give advice on all cases of food allergy, it is often too individual, so it is best to consult a specialist.Let us remember only a few universal rules.Do not overfeed children and do not overeat yourself!Overload the digestive organs may include mechanisms "rejection."The abundance of easily absorbed carbohydrates (sugar, honey, candy, etc.) enhances the "readiness" of the organism to allergies.Consider what foods you eat with pleasure, and avoid any involuntary.This is often an unconscious response suggests that it is a food allergen.Do not force yourself or the child have any dish because it is useful.Do not try to force-feed the child, for the aversion to the product may be hiding a food allergy.

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