Autoimmune gastritis

Autoimmune gastritis develops through damaged immune mechanisms that produce antibodies to their same cells of the gastric glands and eventually lead to their death.Why slowly?Because the processes of regeneration has not been canceled.

mucosal cells grow old (or damaged) and die, they are replaced by young cells in the regeneration process.This process is permanent, to create a balance.When the cell death process will prevail over regeneration, then develop atrophic changes in the mucosa.

antibodies to their own glandular cells lead to damage to the glands.Typically, autoimmune gastritis develops fundal stomach department, quickly resulting in reduced secretion, and subsequently - to a stomach ulcer and cancer.At the initial stage, the destruction and the death of fundic glands department to form regions atrophy (loss of function).Gradually, the process extends to the whole body and fundus of the stomach and takes the diffuse nature (penetration, total) and autoimmune gastritis is named diffuse.This

antral gastritis is not struck.

degree of atrophic lesions in different parts of the stomach are different, can capture those or other cells, glands and can affect everything.Glands atrophy is to reduce the number of cells producing hydrochloric acid or pepsin (gastric enzymes).Atrophy can capture only one kind of cells, for example, generating hydrochloric acid, or both.The number of different types of glands varies independently.Some glands

substituted undifferentiated cells other undergoes hyperplasia, which leads to the formation of polyps.The phenomenon of hyperplasia is the proliferation of epithelial cells with the formation of polyps.This results in gastritis and peptic ulcer.If stomach ulcers and polyps can be seen on fibrogastroscopy, the atrophic and hyperplastic mucosal changes can only be determined by histological examination.

Autoimmune gastritis is usually found in middle or old age, it is characterized by sluggish motor skills, early diffuse pain after eating (almost immediately).In the short term weight loss and anemia.As the progression of autoimmune gastritis grow dyspeptic symptoms (bloating, rumbling and transfusion in the abdomen, putrid breath, violation of a chair), developing hypovitaminosis, hypoproteinemia, concomitant diseases: pancreatitis, intestinal dysbiosis, cholecystitis.

is growing intolerance of different kinds of food in the first place - milk and dairy products, oily and hard food.Further worsening the digestive capacity, tough and fibrous food is not digested and subject to decay, poisoning the patient.No specific symptoms and pain may even decrease with an increase in damaged Atrophic - hyperplastic areas.Therefore, such patients need to undergo an annual inspection and contain at a dispensary.

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