Antral gastritis : the symptoms

antral gastritis - is inflammation of the antrum.This department is located near the exit from the stomach into the intestine.

The main function of the antrum - to reduce the acidity of the food mass prior to its evacuation from the stomach.It is this department first bacteria colonize the stomach, because its acidity is lower than in the rest of the stomach.

antral gastritis symptoms are manifested by pain in the stomach after 1.5-2 hours after a meal, increased secretion of gastric juice and dyspeptic disorders (belching, a feeling of fullness and heaviness after eating, nausea, decreased appetite and an unstable chair).The most characteristic symptoms are detected when fibergastroscope (EGD) and X-ray that can detect deformation and narrowing of the antrum due to inflammatory and scarring.The diagnosis is confirmed by studies of tissue samples taken at the EGD.

Superficial antral gastritis occurs without defeat glands and without scar formation.It can be associated with an infection or due to othe

r factors.One thing is clear: it is much easier to treat than the more severe erosive antral gastritis.Erosion - a small surface area of ​​the damaged mucosal layer integrity.They may be of various size and depth may bleed.

erosion may arise from the effects of his own hydrochloric acid with insufficient protective mucus.Damaged antral produces less protective mucus, bacteria and spoil it for its chemical composition.As a result, more and more it damaged the mucous membrane of the stomach, and is a further violation of the digestive process.

When erosive antral gastritis pain intensified, becoming similar to ulcerative pain.But at the advanced stage they are less pronounced because of the scarring.Erosion can be a long and irrational treatment lead to severe complications.Therefore it is necessary to undertake everything possible to heal.To do this, first remove the causative agent, and then transferred to the healing of erosions and restore normal digestion.Treatment of the complex, the rate can range from two weeks to a month.Medical diet obligatory from the second or third day of illness (after starvation).

chronic antral gastritis, as well as other forms of gastritis, can not be cured without medical diet.The diet should be gentle to the inflamed organ, is easily digested and consist of frequent reception of small portions.The main principle of the preparation of clinical nutrition - it boiled mashed dish, mashed, liquid porridge and soups on the water.It is necessary to eliminate irritating foods, raw fruits and vegetables, pickles, pastries, alcohol, coffee, chocolate, carbonated beverages.In the acute stage of decay can drink mineral water in a heated state.As recovery is possible to return to a normal diet, but for the sake of well-being should ever give up some of provoking foods.

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