What threatens uncomfortable shoes

eternal question "Beauty or comfort?" Is usually still decided in favor of beauty.I think, well, what can happen if you wear eye-popping shoes or boots with heels - it's so beautiful!However, this may indeed be "stunning", that is, cause problems, which after 10-20 years the opportunity to completely drain you wear heels.

But what is the specific risk of uncomfortable shoes?Maybe it's just imaginary fears, which have no effect on those who do not believe in them?

It would be nice if that were the case.But, unfortunately, the reality suggests otherwise.And the main problems associated with high heels, narrowed capes, artificial materials, slippery soles.

high heels - this is probably the main source of problems with her legs.Nature our feet are not adapted to the heels.Therefore, wearing such shoes, we are creating unaccustomed load on the calf muscles and the pressure on the bones of the foot.At the same time, other muscles are unloaded.Leaf foot function is completely eliminated, resulting in conge

stion begins to feel the spine.Unusually strained calf muscle.Arch excessively bent.This can lead to stretched ligaments, tendon damage and back pain (osteoarthritis until).

Due to the narrow noses that are often renowned for dress shoes, we get a problem of a different nature.This is especially corns and calluses.And second - this unpleasant disease, as bursitis (inflammation of the lining bag in the joint) of the thumb.The fact that the narrow foot rest makes cape not all five fingers, and only two.And stop with the passage of time begins to deform.

too loose shoes are also not conducive to the health of the feet.After all, not to lose it, it is necessary to keep the muscles in the toes.As a result - pain, discomfort, hikes to the doctors.

As for synthetic materials, which are often made from inexpensive shoes, then they have one unpleasant feature - the skin does not breathe in them.This overheating and pereprevaniya foot, unpleasant odor, fungal diseases.Moreover, artificial leather, genuine unlike with time does not take the shape of the foot, is not adjusted to it.

particularly unpleasant consequences might be for those who are involved in sports, because in this case the dehumidification is always increased.Saving can insert a mesh fabric and perforation.But if we are not talking about the gym and summer jogging, and a serious winter shoes, you help only membrane insert, such as Gore-Tex.

As for the slippery soles, the problems to which they lead, are falling, which is especially dangerous in winter, as entails bruises and fractures.

Doctors note that most of the problems we create ourselves, choosing an uncomfortable tight shoes, does not pass by itself.With the patch, you can temporarily relieve pain, but to cure the leg completely, sometimes the surgeon may need to intervene.So the best advice - buy a comfortable and spacious enough shoes made of natural materials or breathable textile, which is like your size.

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