Acne in adulthood

Acne is a type of acne, when around comedones (sebaceous plugs) formed inflammatory nodule small, often with a bubble on top.

Acne in adulthood

Acne is a type of acne, when around comedones (sebaceous plugs) formed inflammatory nodule small, often with a bubble on top.The vial contains serous fluid, which is gradually being replaced with pus.The main cause of acne hormonal imbalance inherent in youth.However, acne can be an adult, and for other reasons: infectious diseases, vitamin deficiency, diabetes, stress, gastrointestinal disease, oily seborrhea and other skin diseases, lack of skin care.That is, all of these factors lead to disruption of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, clogging their ducts leading to inflammation.

development of inflammation and suppuration helps saprophytic (normal) skin flora and other organisms that feed on sebum.The accumulation of sebum causes a traffic jam behind a plugged follicle rupture, and the dead skin cells, oil and bacteria get into the dermis, deep int

o the skin and of acne pimples are formed, there is redness of the skin.Pimple when ingested it is converted into an abscess infection red pimple with a yellowish head.If pimples are squeezed, the bacteria can penetrate deeper into the skin and forms a large solid red spot, after which the skin remains a scar.Therefore, acne is better not to touch, and to treat.

When individual eruptions will only external treatment, which is a mandatory component of a thorough daily care.If acne is superficial, not strongly act on the skin, without suppuration, it can be treated with gel or Kuriozin Baziron, apply a thin layer twice a day after cleansing and disinfectant wipes.For large inflamed acne zineritom need treatment which contains an antibiotic and zinc.In case of need, when numerous eruptions, dermatologist prescribe individualized treatment farm.drugs.Inside designate pills for acne and blackheads: metronidazole 2 tablets 2 times a day, 10 days a course of treatment or antibiotics JUnidoks or doxycycline, is also a course.In some cases, these courses of treatment have to be alternated.It is also recommended intake of vitamins, it is better in the complexes, age-appropriate.

Acne in adulthood

sometimes by medical means there is contraction and skin dryness, acne-free, which leads to the formation of wrinkles.To reduce these symptoms, it is possible to do a hydrating mask 1-2 times a week, as well as herbal compresses as needed.Very popular masks for acne from yeast, in a variety of variations.Their use is justified, since yeast rich in B vitamins, enzymes, protein, micronutrients and fiber.Here are some recipes for masks.1. 10 g of baker's yeast to dissolve 1h spoon of water with lemon juice.Apply mask on face for 15 minutes, rinse with water at room temperature, then make a cold compress.2. Grate fresh carrot, 10 g of yeast dissolved in 1 tbsp.a spoonful of warm water, 1st.a spoonful of flour or collapse all the small mix, apply on face for 20 minutes.Rinse with warm, then cool water.3. Article 2.tablespoons of rolled oats brewed 0.5 cups of boiling water, close, give steam.1 tspyeast diluted in 1 tspwater until a slurry, add 1 egg yolk.All mix, apply on face for 20-30 minutes, rinse.Yeast mask not only nourish and refresh the skin, it helps to fight wrinkles.You can add to them a variety of oils: vegetable, ethereal, except fir.Do not use fir oil for acne, as it can cause burns of the skin.

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