Acne near the nose

Acne near the nose can be a manifestation of not only acne, but also a variety of dermatitis (allergic, contact, perioral or seborrheic).

Independently difficult to understand their nature, but there are signs that suggest a specific diagnosis.Adolescents often arise acne vulgaris, associated with the maturation of the organism.Acne, inflamed pimples turn into varying degrees of severity.

allergy in the form of acne can be a primary reaction and how any of the dermatitis.All kinds of dermatitis cause burning and itching.Contact dermatitis occurs immediately after contact with an irritant, and the exclusion of stimulus goes away on its own.Allergic and perioral dermatitis occurs when hypersensitive cosmetics, hormonal ointments, toothpaste, etc., and is repeated with a new contact with the irritant.When perioral dermatitis always affected area around the mouth, chin, and often, nasolabial folds and the area around the eyes.Suffer usually representatives of the female sex, men rarely get sick.Seborrheic

dermatitis on the face usually happens in people suffering from seborrhea of ​​the scalp.Seborrheic dermatitis men get sick more often.

sores after acne are almost always important to do everything possible so that they are smaller and have left scars.Remember that you can not squeeze pimples!This infection penetrates deep into the skin, causing inflammation and new formation of new acne.The most reliable is the right treatment and careful skin care.Sores themselves can not rip off because they can form scars, and often handle disinfectant and healing creams to lubricate (Argosulfan, solkoseril).If you have not completed the treatment of acne, sores and then lubricated by the same means as pimples.

understand the causes of acne near the nose, it is necessary to start their treatment.How to eliminate acne?If ordinary teenage acne, you need to twice a day to put a special therapeutic agent to clean washed skin.To use the washing gels and foams for oily skin, and after him to wipe the face salicylic alcohol.The therapeutic agent is better to choose in gel form, are very popular gels: Kuriozin, baziron and skinoren.

If there is a suspicion of an allergic origin of acne, it is important to define the stimulus (allergen) and to eliminate contact with him.When localization allergen spots near the nose could be cosmetics, nasal drops or aerosols any.Sometimes the rash can be when taking hormonal contraceptives.Mild rash conducted only external treatment cream Gistan, or Elokim Belosalik and added at a moderate intake of antihistamines (tavegil, Claritin).

In seborrheic dermatitis listed methods of treatment are ineffective, since the nature of the disease is quite different.The only easy and reliable method of treatment with ketoconazole.The same with ketoconazole shampoo that treat seborrhea of ​​the scalp, face smeared, whipping the foam and leave for 2-3 minutes.Then wash and smeared with cream centers of ketoconazole.It is obvious that if you can not immediately cope on their own, it is necessary to entrust the treatment of acne near the nose specialist.The specialist will also help to understand the causes of acne you personally, to further eliminate acne from your life forever.

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