Acne around the eyes

Acne around the eyes can be allergic reaction to cosmetics or the effect of aerosol irritants (smoke, hairspray, air fresheners, etc.).

In this case, you must stop using any makeup and take antihistamines (Suprastin, Tavegil, Tsetrin) for 5 to 7 days.Less so is the localization of ordinary teenage acne.In this case, treatment is selected according to the degree of symptoms, and can self-treat only a mild degree.All remedies are applied to clean skin.Wash should be twice a day, morning and evening, using an antiseptic soap, foam or gel for washing.If necessary (in the heat, for example), you can wash once or twice more.Cleansing the skin reduces its greasiness and prevents acne.It is important to not only dry up the skin, for this purpose, moisturizers, including pets.A great home remedy is whey, which is not only moisturizes and softens the skin, and tightens pores.

can not use in the presence of acne scrubs, as they are left on the skin micro-scratches, which exacerbates the irritation and inflammati

on.Deep cleansing of the skin is recommended steam baths with chamomile and linden, and then apply the mask with cosmetic clay.Facial cleansing should be done after the softening of the skin over a steam bath and remove only those blackheads, which are amenable to eliminate easily (finger, wrapped with a bandage, and soaked with hydrogen peroxide).If thawed head pimple after steaming, it also treat bed peroxide.Acne is not squeezed out, because it is an inflammatory nodule, do not try!Squeeze acne and pimples can not it will spread the infection and cause complications.The procedure of deep cleaning is performed once a week.

How to hide pimples on

face daily after washing using alcohol levomitsetinovy ​​of acne, it is perfectly removes inflammation and dries.The use of alcoholic solutions alternated with water antiseptics in 1-2 months.Water antiseptics: Chlorhexidine and furatsillin.After wiping with disinfectant applied to a medical gel (Kuriozin, metrogil, baziron etc.).If you observe this order of procedure, the pimples heal quickly, and there is less new.Avoid tonal cream powder, use only a loose powder or baby powder.

Life does not stand still, sometimes things need to look good, despite the difficulties.If to you the task: how to hide the pimples on the face of it it is necessary to solve it at the moment.To make pale red spots acne, cosmetic industry produces special masking pencils.You can use the same 3% levomitsetinovym alcohol or camphor alcohol, wiping the skin 2-3 times, each time giving dry.Further areas of intact skin wipe with a damp cloth or cotton swab moistened with water to remove the feeling of constriction.Then put on the spot by means of spots containing zinc (Kuriozin, Zener, etc.) and lightly powdered face.Remember that reduce skin redness promotes calm, balanced state, so we can insure taking a sedative (Novo pass, Persia, afobazol).

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