Diseases Schedule : 2015

Diseases Schedule : 2015
Every man over 18 is called in the army.However, for several reasons it can be declared unfit to perform military service or get a reprieve.What diseases do not take to serve this year, tells the new Schedule diseases.

Schedule illnesses and military categories

shelf Schedule diseases - a medical document, it is a supplement to the Regulations on military-medical examination.

It lists the diseases which can not take into the ranks of the Armed Forces.It is in accordance with this document, the medical board taking a decision on the future of each inductee, assigns one of five categories of expiry.

Military shelf categories:

  • A - fit for military service (subject to appeal);
  • B - it fits with minor restrictions (can not be held service in all combat arms);
  • B - partially fit (in the army is not credited to the reserve forces to give military ID);
  • T - temporarily unfit (provided respite from the lifetime of six months - a year);
  • D - not fit for military service (the recruit is exempt from milita
    ry duty, receives military ID).

Upon reaching the age of eighteen the young man will have to appear before the medical board again;it is possible that will be assigned to another category of shelf.

How to use Schedule diseases

total number of diseases presented in the Schedule of diseases - about 2 thousand (88 articles), collected in the form of a table.

Every disease has its own line, which correspond to the four columns - columns that have a shelf category.

What they mean:

  • I count - here we are talking about those who put on the military registration or call for military service for the first time, those who did not pass military service or military service.This is the youth of premilitary age and recruits.
  • II Count - soldiers who have no military officer rank.They undergo military service or have already passed.
  • III Count - contract servicemen, reserve officers, who did not pass military service of her and for military training, as well as officers performing military service by conscription.
  • IV Count - refers to those who will repay the motherland on submarines, and to those who have already passed the military service to them.

In addition, if the future will take a soldier to serve, decides his body mass index (BMI).BMI formula: BMI = body weight (kg) / square of height (m).

for men 18-25 years old, if the value of BMI is less than 18.5 or greater than 35, is assigned to category D (temporarily unfit).The same, if the age of 26-45 years, and BMI less than 19 or greater than 36.

changes in the schedule of diseases in 2015

innovations that will be used during the call of 2015, have been developed and included in the regulations in 2014year.

If earlier the young man with such diagnoses could rely on exemption from military service, but now many of them are "fit with minor restrictions."This means that the number of restrictions on these diseases significantly reduced.

These include:

  • 1. Article 68 - flat (2nd degree), and other foot deformities;
  • 2. Art.66 - curvature of the spine (scoliosis) with the arc deviation of 11-17 degrees, with preservation of functions;
  • 3. Art.21 - epilepsy (in some cases);
  • 4. Art.23 - Diseases of the nervous system;
  • 5. St.30-31 - visual function disorders (including retinal tear);
  • 6. Article 52 - asthma;
  • 7. Article 60 - hernia (hiatal or axial hernia);
  • 8. Article 13 - low body weight (due to a power failure).

How to get a respite from the army for health

postponement and exemption from military service for health reasons - different concepts.The grace period is for a fixed term (6 months) for category D, the release - indefinitely (B or D).

What is required to obtain a postponement (exemption):

  • have a disease that is incompatible with service in the Armed Forces, according to the schedule of diseases;
  • confirm the disease corresponding documents (certificates, records in the medical card);
  • no other reasons for the postponement.As is known, the conscript is released from the army for the duration of higher education, if he has to constantly look for someone from the family, if he is the father of two children, has a single child without a mother or a disabled child under three years old, serving in internal affairs bodiesState fire service on drug control authorities, the customs of the Russian Federation or the elected deputy.

Under these conditions, the recruit must pass a medical examination to the provision of all medical records, if necessary, it will also have an additional medical examination.

Then take one of the decisions:

  • alternative civilian service;
  • deferment of military service;
  • exemption from military service;
  • credited to the reserve;
  • exemption from military duty.

According to the law (Sec. 6, Art. 28 of the Federal Law On Military Duty and Military Service) recruits issued a written copy of the decision.

When you assign a category B (partially fit) and R (released from military duty) issued a military card.

If for some reason the decision of the district military commission you are not satisfied, please contact the subject of the Russian Federation draft board or the district court.If you are not satisfied and the verdict of the district court must be before the end of thirty days to appeal to a higher authority.

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