11 signals problems with the thyroid gland

11 signals problems with the thyroid gland
From this small butterfly-shaped gland in depends very much.The thyroid gland produces hormones that are important for many body processes, including metabolism and affect the intellectual activity.

Malfunction of the thyroid gland is almost impossible to be seen by some striking and characteristic symptoms.They are all pretty vague.But if you find yourself in more than two of the following symptoms, should pay a visit to the endocrinologist for inspection and a simple analysis on hormones.

1. Very appeared sleep problems

If you have never complained about a bad dream, and suddenly the situation changed dramatically, it may indicate problems with the thyroid gland.

Hyperactivity gland is producing excessive amounts of hormones that affect the nervous system.This causes unhealthy excitement and provoke insomnia.

Conversely, if you sleep longer, despite adequate amount of sleep, and feel constant sleepiness after lunch want to sleep especially hard, it may indicate a reduced thyroid function.

2. Concerns of the blue

you do not consider yourself particularly disturbing person, but lately notice that endlessly about something worried and worried.It can also talk about the failures in the work of the thyroid gland, namely its hyperfunction.

3. Problems with a chair

Frequent constipation can speak of reduced thyroid function, as hormones produced her involved in the regulation of the digestive system.Conversely, if you have been going to the toilet more often than usual, it may indicate a thyroid hyperfunction.

4. Thinning Hair

hair becomes thinner in many diseases of the thyroid gland, especially, oddly enough, the eyebrows.An imbalance of thyroid hormones lead to disruption of the hair growth process.

5. Excessive sweating

Increased sweating can also talk about the excess of thyroid function.

fact that the gland is responsible, among other things, for the thermoregulation of the organism.Too active work of the thyroid gland leads to the fact that the body is overheating and sweat is released.It is important that this happens even without any special physical exertion, or when the room is not hot at all.

6. Unexplained weight loss or gain

too intensive work accelerates the metabolism of the thyroid gland, and you start to lose weight fast, but your diet does not change, but the appetite, perhaps even intensified.Conversely, the lack of function of this gland slows down metabolism, and you will gradually gain weight, but did not eat more than usual.

7. haze

functioning of the thyroid gland directly affects the intellectual processes.When the function is reduced, it leads to a symptom that many patients are described as haze.

may also have difficulty with memory, for example, we have a long time to remember some familiar word, as well as a general feeling of slow thinking.

Too intensive work of the thyroid gland, rather, attention is drawn to the impossibility of long soredotochitsya on anything whatsoever.

8. Permanent jitters

If you often feel as if after three cups of strong coffee, this may indicate thyroid hyperfunction.Heart palpitations, unexplained agitation, inability to relax - all symptoms of overactive body's activities.

9. Changes in the menstrual cycle in women

The changes in the characteristics of the flow cycle anyway talk about changes in the hormonal system.Liability can be and thyroid hormones.

If menstruation began to be carried heavier, last longer, and the cycle itself was reduced, it may indicate a reduced thyroid function.If, on the contrary, separation became more scarce, and the cycle is longer, it could be hyperactive gland.

10. Infertility and miscarriage in women

The inability to conceive a child, or a tendency to abortion (miscarriage) in the early stages - it is a signal of the need to check the thyroid function.In this case, you want to hormone therapy, which will appoint a gynecologist-endocrinologist.

11. Delays in the development of children

symptoms of failures in the work of the thyroid gland in children is even less clear than in adults.But one of them - it ostavanie in the physical and intellectual development of their peers.

If the child is too sluggish or, conversely, hyperactive - is also an occasion to test the thyroid gland.

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